Cabañas Morerava

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For those who are looking for a different experience in 100% ecological accommodations, the Cabañas Morerava are the best alternative in all of Easter Island. There are four premade cabins for up to 6 people in each one. They were made with sturdy material (mainly wood) and have a rainwater collection system, solar panels, and crossed ventilation that creates a pleasurable thermal and luminous environment.

They are located 3 minutes by car from downtown Hanga Roa; and though they’re fairly close, are far enough away to provide peace and tranquility for its guests. For those that don’t have a car, a bicycle service is offered, even for kids. It’s ideal for going to town easily.

All of the cabins are completely equipped and have two rooms, a bathroom, closets, and a wide kitchen-dining room-living room area, as well as two covered balconies that allow guests to enjoy the views of the island (though there are no views of the ocean). It’s ideal for families or groups that want to enjoy privacy and comfort.

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