easter island nightlifeKanahau Pub Restaurant

The  Easter Island nightlife, is not very intensive, however there are some bars and discos that open until late where you can get something to drink or eat. Among them are Aloha, on the highest part of the main street, and Kanahau, which is a little lower on the same street and also has a good kitchen

Topatangi offers a live Rapa Nui music and dance show. It’s on the main street, next to the Kai Nene supermarket. It only opens on Thursdays and Saturdays after 11:30 pm.

Toroko, which is on the coast past the cove, and Piriti, which is located just before the airport control tower, are the two clubs on the island and there the night starts at 1:00 a.m. Both mix South American music with modern rhythms and Polynesian music. Dancing goes on until 5:00 a.m.