About us

Imagina aims to be an online travel guide, easy to handle and navigate, designed in a simple, clear way and with all the interesting information about each destination covered. It is aimed at the independent traveler who wants to organize his trip his way but without missing the essentials.

We offer itineraries, tracks and our personal experience. We write about what we have seen and known. Fresh first-hand data. We have lived in several countries, we have been fortunate to meet more than 45 countries and in 2009 we fulfilled the dream of taking our first trip around the world.

During that great trip, we realized that there are people who do not have the same opportunities as us, and that is why we created this project, with the dual purpose of helping the traveler and being able to contribute something to the communities of the destinations visited and the that remain to visit.

Through the Imagina Rapa Nui website, in addition to helping you with your trip and offering you information about the island, what we are most excited about is being able to contribute our bit in the protection and development of the Rapa Nui culture. That is why we have committed to donate a part of our profits (originated by commissions, advertising and other services) to the wonderful project of the NGO Toki.

Every time someone downloads the app or reserves accommodation, a tour or an activity through our website, they are collaborating with the Rapa Nui School of Music and Arts.

Enjoy Rapa Nui, a magical island!

Media appearances

El Mercurio Newspaper (Chile)

Our website was chosen as one of the best websites on Easter Island by the newspaper El Mercurio.

Noticia-El Mercurio-Imagina-Isla de Pascua

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El Viajero Magazine – El País (Spain)

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