Things to do on Easter Island

Things to do on Easter Island Rapa Nui


General information

There are many things to do on Easter Island. For those looking for a rest, besides knowing the fascinating history of the island, the most recommended options are the quiet route by car around the archaeological sites as well as short walks to enjoy the sea and landscape. Of course, nothing better that to spend one morning of relaxing in the beautiful beach of Anakena and sunbathe on the soft white sand. See a sunset as the last rays of light glide among the huge moai, is an unforgettable experience.

But if what you want is action, then Easter Island has a lot to offer. Lovers of adventure can explore the beauties of the depths of an exceptionally clear ocean, diving for a few hours . And if you are in good fit, travel around the island on a mountain bike is an opportunity not to be missed, it is the best way to feel the peace of this unique place.

Hiking, boat rides or horseback riding, and many other options that invite you to spend as much time as possible on the island to take full advantage. None of the alternatives leave you indifferent, since it is not the activity itself, but also the wonderful scenery that the island offers every step.



Rapa Nui Easter Island Tours

Guided tours

One alternative to not miss anything and learn everything possible about the fascinating Rapa Nui culture, is to do some of the Easter Island tours and excursions offered by various travel agencies. Read more »

Rapa Nui Easter Island Routes


While it’s true that you can see the island’s main attractions in just two days if you use a car as means of transport, such a short visit would leave you certainly leave you with wanting more. Read more »

Activities and sports

Rapa Nui Easter Island Diving

Scuba Diving

Easter Island is an ideal place for diving and snorkeling, because the waters are so clear and transparent that visibility can reach up to 60 meters. This unique characteristic is due to the absence of plankton. Read more »

Rapa Nui Easter Island Surfing


The surf on Easter Island offers a thorough mix of excellent waves for those who wish to surf, whether they are beginners or experienced surfers. The island’s unique location in the Pacific Ocean makes the waves. Read more »

Rapa Nui Easter Island Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Another alternative to explore Easter Island in a unique way and have access to areas that can’t be reached by car is by horseback riding. The horses used to organize rides are quite docile and calm. Read more »

Rapa Nui Easter Island Boat rides

Boat rides

Another activity offered on Easter Island is to go on boats rides, which enables you to appreciate the island from a different perspective.The most popular ride is the one that goes to the southwest coast. Read more »


Rapa Nui Easter Island Biking


Biking on Easter Island is one of the most rewarding alternatives (though it requires some effort) to get around it. This option allows you to enjoy the island with ease, feeling, in most of the routes, the sea breeze on your face. Read more »

Rapa Nui Easter Island Car Rental

Car Rental

Touring Easter Island by car is one of the most common and simple choices. It’s virtually impossible to get lost and in the hotels, car rental shops or stores, you can get a map to serve as a guide in your daily choosing of routes. Read more »

Rapa Nui Easter Island Hiking


Easter Island is a great place to go hiking, tour the tourists attractions on foot, and feel what it was like to live there in ancient times. It has a fairly simple landscape and although many of the routes may be long. Read more »

Rapa Nui Easter Island Marathon

Rapa Nui Marathon

The Easter Island Marathon, also known as the Rapa Nui Marathon, is organized by Olimpo Producciones and has been held since 2005 in the middle of each year (June-July) as part of a sports weekend. Read more »


Rapa Nui Art and Culture

Rapa Nui Easter Island Tapati Rapa Nui Festival

Tapati Rapa Nui Festival

The Tapati Rapa Nui Festival, which literally means “Rapa Nui week”, is the most important cultural festival in Easter Island, and it is celebrated every year during the first two weeks of February. Read more »

Rapa Nui Easter Island dance shows

Rapa Nui dance shows

Although it may seem cliché, it’s strongly recommended that you view the Easter Island music and dances displayed in several shows in Hanga Roa. This way you can dig a little deeper into the Rapa Nui culture. Read more »

Rapa Nui Easter Island Experiences

Rapa Nui Experiences

A different way to know the Rapanui culture is by participating in some of the Rapa Nui experiences that some companies offer like a photo session with typical costumes or Rapanui weddings. Read more »


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