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Easter Island Accommodation Rapa Nui

Find the accommodation in Easter Island that best suits you. In Rapa Nui there is a wide range of hotels, hostels, cabins and campsites that adapt to any taste and budget.


General information

Although a few years ago, the lodging options in Easter Island were limited to small family businesses that absorbed the small number of travelers that reached the “navel of the world”, today the situation is different.

The filming of the movie “Rapa Nui” in 1994, the eclipse of the sun in 2010 and the spreading of the charms and mystery of the island, in an increasingly interconnected world, have multiplied the arrivals of visitors, which has derived in a considerable increase in the number and quality of accommodation in Easter Island.


Currently it is possible to find alternatives for all prices and all tastes. For those traveling on a budget, camping is the cheapest option to stay on the island. Ideal for lonely backpackers, young couples or groups of friends who do not want to give up enjoying the island.

Cabins are perfect for families with children because they provide more space and independence. Almost all of them have kitchens and living rooms and most often have open green spaces for children to play and entertain.

Regarding hotels, travelers will not find hotel complexes or large resorts. The local offer is concentrated in small and medium-sized hotels, with few rooms, which are integrated into the environment. Lately, the few classic hotels that existed have been joined by new high-class hotels that offer all the luxury and comfort that travelers can desire, such as a careful attention, modern decoration, spa, swimming pool and good cuisine.

Accommodation prices

We can not forget that Easter Island is one of the most remote places on the planet, that makes everything much more expensive, including accommodation. The traditional concept of value for money that one can find in other destinations, here does not work, at least not how it could be expected.

As a useful fact, when looking at the lodging rates in Easter Island, it is necessary to calculate that they would correspond at least twice the price of a similar accommodation in a “more normal” destination, in order to relate it to the expected quality.


For example, the most economic value would correspond to spending the night in a tent for two people for about 25-30 dollars. A double room in a medium-sized cabin, would cost from 80-100 dollars per night and the same space in a good category hotel, from 180-200 dollars per night. You have to think that prices usually go up in high season, and especially during the celebration of the Tapati Festival.

However, leaving aside the price, the options for accommodation in Easter Island are quite good, each in its category, and in general the treatment is attentive and concerned. Most accommodations, if requested, will pick up the guest at the airport, help you prepare excursions, rent or help you to rent vehicles and provide you with the best tips to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Choose your accommodation

Here we offer you a selection of hotels, cabins and camping sites for every budget. In this way we save you time and effort in your search. You can still always choose for yourself among the many options available through the search box.

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