Easter Island Information

Easter Island Information Rapa Nui

On this page you will find practical information about Easter Island that you may need to prepare your trip to the remote and fascinating Rapa Nui. Useful information on which is the best time to go, how to get there, what documents are required, how to get around, how to connect to the internet, how much the tours cost, etc.


Useful information about Rapa Nui

Easter Island information when to go to Easter Island

Best time to visit Easter Island

Traveling to Easter Island is a dream for many people and maybe it can only be done once in a lifetime. Discover the best time to go and enjoy the island to the fullest. Read more »

Easter Island information weather

Easter Island weather

The weather on Easter Island is very pleasant throughout the year. It is a subtropical climate with warm temperatures and high humidity. The average annual temperature is about 20ºC with small variations between seasons. Read more »

Easter Island information How to get to Easter Island

How to get to Easter Island

We inform you about flights, points of origin, airlines and when to buy plane tickets to Easter Island. There are also some options to arrive by boat to Rapa Nui. Read more »

Arrival of travellers to Easter Island Airport

Easter Island Airport

The Easter Island airport, located in Mataveri, is the main access point to the distant Rapa Nui. We tell you all the practical information that travelers may need during the trip. Read more »

Easter Island information money and prices

Money and prices

Know the currency and prices on Easter Island so you can calculate your travel budget to Rapa Nui. Banks, accommodations, tours, meals, purchases, etc. Read more »

Easter Island time

Easter Island time

Know what is the Easter Island time, what time zone it belongs to, when the sun rises and sets, the time changes and the most common hours on the island. Read more »

Easter Island information Documents and travel requirements

Documents and travel requirements

Know all the information about the documents and requirements necessary to travel to Easter Island. It includes the new law of entry to the island for tourists in force as of August 2018. Read more »

Easter Island Health and vaccinations

Health and vaccines

In general, Rapa Nui is a very safe place for travelers. But it is convenient to know the possible risks that you can face to avoid any discomfort during the trip. Here you will find everything you need to know about health and vaccinations in Easter Island. Read more »

Easter Island information Transportation on Easter Island


In Easter Island there is no public transport, but there are other options to move around this small island where it is very difficult to get lost. Below we explain the different alternatives of how to move in Rapa Nui. Read more »

Easter Island information Phones on Easter Island

Phones on Easter Island

Getting cell phone signal in Rapa Nui is only possible in certain places. Know how to call to and from Easter Island from Chile and abroad with fixed and mobile. Keep this list of useful Hanga Roa phones handy. Read more »

Easter Island information Internet on Easter Island

Internet on Easter Island

Accessing the network in one of the most remote islands in the world is not easy. We tell you about the ways to connect to the internet in Easter Island, such as the new ChileGob WiFi system that allows you to connect for free in Hanga Roa. Read more »

Easter Island information Rapa Nui National Park

Rapa Nui National Park

In order to visit the main archaeological sites of Easter Island it is necessary to buy the entrance to the Rapa Nui National Park. Here you will find information on where to buy the tickets and the rules to follow during your visit. Read more »

Easter Island information Rapa Nui Map

Interactive map

Visit our interactive map with the main tourist attractions of Easter Island. If you click on each icon a text box will open. Click again on the image and you will access the page with detailed information on each tourist attraction. Enjoy the tour. Read more »

Easter Island information App Rapa Nui

App for smartphones

Download our free app for smartphones, where you will find all the information about Easter Island along with offers and discounts at various agencies and local businesses. Also once installed also works without an internet connection. Read more »