Easter Island Map

In our general Rapa Nui map you can see the location of the main archeological sites, monuments, beaches, caves, cultural centers and other tourist services of interest. Clicking on each icon you can identify each place on Easter Island.

To facilitate your search, you can select the type of place that interests you in the right side menu or lower menu (if you navigate with the phone). In this way, you will access a new map that will show only the kind of place you have selected.

How to use the interactive Easter Island map

Using the tourist map of Easter Island is very simple:

See information of each place

Click on the points of interest on the map of Easter Island, indicated with colored markers, and a small window will open. Click again on the image or on the “more information” link and you will access the page with detailed information on the most important tourist attractions of Rapa Nui.

Move around the Rapa Nui map

Click and drag with the mouse if you access from your computer, or press and drag with your fingers if you navigate with your phone.

Zoom in

Double click with the left mouse button or double tap with your finger if you browse from your phone. You can also press the button with the “+” symbol in the lower right corner of the map.

Zoom out

Press the button with the «-» symbol in the lower right corner of the map.

Enjoy the journey!