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App Easter Island Things to do

Easily check everything you need to know about Easter Island. 90% of the content is accessible without the need for an internet connection:

The Island: Main aspects of history, geography, flora and fauna of Easter Island

Rapa Nui Culture: Traditions, legends, beliefs. music and dance celebrations.

Sightseeing: We show the main archeological sites, volcanoes, caves and beaches of Easter Island, with pictures, description of each site and its location on the map.

Things to do: List of all activities that can be performed on Easter Island, as suggested routes, trekking, cycling, diving, horseback riding, etc.

Food: We tell about the typical food of the island and the main restaurants with their details and location.

Accommodation: List of hotels, hostels, cabins and camping including contact details, location on the map and possibility of online booking.

Helpful data: When to go, directions, weather, prices, etc.

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As a user of our app you can benefit from discounts and exclusive offers in Rapa Nui.

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Tapati Rapa Nui schedule is included

App Isla de Pascua Programa Tapati

Our new section dedicated to the Tapati Rapa Nui will help you not to miss any competition and show of one of the most important festivals in Polynesia.

What is the Tapati?: You will learn about this unique celebration

Tapati competitions: We explain you in which consists every competition

Program: You can follow day by day the timetable and locations where the competitions and artistics presentations will take place.

Travelers say


Edoardo Collini, 16/02/2020

Very well made application, which provides many useful information about the island. You hardly need a guide!


Rafael Toro, 24/11/2019

Simply essential if you travel to Rapa Nui


PabluUzuzu, 28/08/2019

We traveled to the island on August 23, 2019 and we only moved with the application, in fact, if it had not been for it, we would be very lost. It works without the internet, which is crucial. We saved a lot of money in tours and we were able to visit not very touristy places (ovahe beach for example), also gives the visiting hours, values and everything we need to know. 👍🏼


Flor del Cerro, 22/08/2019

Very useful. It has everything you need.


Salazar Eve, 08/06/2019

We traveled to the island with my family, and we did not hire a guide on any day, only with the application we met, toured and learned absolutely everything we needed. I recommend it without a doubt, it works without internet, which on the island is crucial because there is practically no internet in much of the park.


Paulina Rubilar, 21/05/2019

Excellent application, it helped us to travel the island on our own learning about the history of Rapa Nui. I recommend it 100%.


Fernando O, 12/09/2018

First of all, I recommend you download the App “Imagina Rapa Nui”, since it is like having a book about everything there is to know and what not to know about Rapa Nui. It is incredible, I really learned and knowing what one is appreciating is great, also and most importantly, it has a section on discounts and free product in different places and attractions on the island. Get the most out of the app. In short, any doubt is answered there.


Micaela Z, 06/03/2018

I visited the island in February 2018, the truth is that it is very incredible how complete it is, we were just the last days of the Tapati Rapa Nui, which would be the carnival, and I recommend the date, it is the first 15 days or so of February . It seemed like a beautiful destination and I will return in a few years for sure.
I recommend that you download the application “Imagina Rapa Nui” it helped us a lot.

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App Isla de Pascua Rapa NuiApp Isla de Pascua Rapa Nui

Our app has been selected as one of the 3 finalists, in the Destination Guide category, to the Best International Tourist App of the “The AppTourism Awards 2016” Competition organized by Fitur (International Tourism Fair of Spain) and Segittur.

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