Easter Island – Rapa Nui is one of the most remote islands in the world,
with incredible mysteries, beaches, volcanoes and a unique culture.

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Aereal view of Easter Island Rapa Nui

Since its “discovery” on Easter Sunday in 1722, Rapa Nui has aroused the interest of navigators, historians, scientists and travelers from around the world. Much has been written about what is considered “the most island island”, due to its remote location in the Pacific Ocean. The gigantic volcanic stone statues, known as moai, the unscrambled writing of the Rongo Rongo symbols and the history of its inhabitants who were about to disappear, have originated the myth of Easter Island.

Discover Rapa Nui

Where is Easter Island?

Where is Easter Island?

Although most people associate the famous giant stone statues with Easter Island, many are unaware of where it is located. Do you know the answer?

The names of Easter Island

The names of Easter Island

Learn about the origin of the name of Easter Island and the other names by which this fascinating island has been known throughout history.

Easter Island History


The history of Rapa Nui has always been surrounded by a halo of mystery, being one of the most remote and remote places in the world.

Easter Island Flora


Much of the island is covered by grassland and small tree formations. They are currently trying to recover endemic species such as the toromiro.

Easter Island Wildlife


The fauna is not very abundant, however the animals of Rapa Nui have had a notable influence on the culture and diet of its inhabitants.

Easter Island Weather


The subtropical climate on Rapa Nui has a high humidity index and a pleasant average temperature of 20ºC with small variations between seasons.


The moai, the gigantic stone statues of Easter Island, constitute the most important expression of Rapa Nui sculptural art and have become its hallmark.

Moai, a tribute to the ancestors

Ahu Easter Island


The ahu is the representative ceremonial center of Rapa Nui. On the island there are more than 300 platforms and most were built to display the moai.

Rano Raraku

Rano Raraku

The Rano Raraku volcano is one of the most incredible and extraordinary archaeological sites on the planet. In this magical and mystery-filled place the moai were made.

Pukao Isla de Pascua


The pukao were large cylinders made of volcanic red scoria that adorned the heads of Easter Island statues. Discover its history.

Rapa Nui Culture

Easter Island symbols Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui symbols

Learn about the origin and meaning of the main symbols of Rapa Nui iconography that have become an inspiration for artists.

Myths and legends

Myths and legends

The fact that the Rapa Nui history and culture has not been able to fully unravel, has caused myths and legends to become very relevant.

Rongo Rongo Easter Island

Rongo Rongo

The enigmatic RongoRongo is a writing system, based on signs carved on wooden tablets, which to date has not been deciphered.

Tangata Manu Isla de Pascua

Tangata Manu

The choice of the Tangata Manu or Rapa Nui Birdman was made through an extreme competition that took place between Orongo and Motu Nui.

Easter Island living traditions Rapa Nui

Living traditions

Easter Island Music and dances

Music and dances

Rapanui music, inspired by Polynesia, is based on ancient legends with songs and dances dedicated to gods, spirits, war, rain or love.

Tapati Festival Rapa Nui Easter Island

Tapati Festival

La Tapati is the most important cultural festival on Easter Island and one of the most outstanding in all of Polynesia. This great party is celebrated every year during the first fortnight of February.

Takona Easter Island Body Painting


Takona is the ancient art of decorating bodies with natural pigments. Each drawing had a meaning that identified the person who wore it, their clan or indicated their status.

Rapa Nui Tatoo Easter Island


As in other Polynesian islands, this art had a fundamentally spiritual connotation and in some cases the tattoo was considered as a receiver of divine force or mana.

What to see in Rapa Nui

Hanga Roa

Hanga Roa

Almost all the inhabitants of Rapa Nui live in Hanga Roa, the capital and the only urban center of the island. Here the main social, cultural and economic activities are developed.

Easter Island Archaeological sites

Archaeological sites

There are thousands of archaeological sites that are scattered throughout the island and give an idea of ​​the development achieved by the ancient Rapa Nui people. Know the most important.

Easter Island Museums and cultural centres

Museums and cultural centres

The visit to the Easter Island museums is very interesting as it complements the knowledge acquired during the tour of the monuments.

Easter Island Beaches


The few beaches on Rapa Nui remain practically unspoilt. The beautiful Anakena beach stands out with its turquoise waters and perfect temperature.

Easter Island Volcanoes


Easter Island arose as a product of the successive volcanic eruptions that occurred thousands of years ago. You will be amazed by its huge craters and interior lagoons.

Easter Island Caves


The flow of the lava on its way to the sea, created channels that when cooled became caves, some small and others hundreds of meters long.

Oceanic Rent a Car

Oceanic Rent a Car


Parque Nacional Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui National Park

In order to visit the main archaeological sites of Easter Island it is necessary to buy the entrance to the Rapa Nui National Park. Here you will find all the information and rules to follow during your visit.

Easter Island Itineraries


Although the island is small in size, it has a lot to offer its visitors. We suggest these itineraries to get to know it and enjoy it thoroughly.

Easter Island Tours

Easter Island Tours

The best alternative to not miss anything and learn as much as possible about the fascinating Rapa Nui culture, is to hire some of the tours offered by the different tourism agencies.

Easter Island Rent a car

Rent a car

Tour Easter Island for free and at your own pace reserving a car, motorcycle or bicycle. Learn about the different rental options in Rapa Nui.

Easter Island App
Easter Island Map
Insular Rent a Car
Maururu Travel
Easter Island Botanic Garden

Things to do on Easter Island

Easter Island Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Horseback riding allows you to explore Rapa Nui in a different way and have access to areas that cannot be reached by car, such as the top of the Terevaka.

Easter Island Diving


Easter Island is an ideal place for diving and snorkeling, thanks to the fact that its waters are so clear and transparent that visibility can reach up to 60 meters.

Boat Tours

Boat Tours

The boat trips give the opportunity to navigate to the nearby motu or islets, contemplate the marine fauna and appreciate the island from a different perspective.

Easter Island Surf


Easter Island offers a complete mix of excellent waves for those who want to surf, whether they are beginners or experienced. The most accessible place is Hanga Roa Otai.

Kayak Rapa Nui Isla de Pascua


Skirting the shoreline by kayak is an exciting activity and no experience is necessary. Enjoy new perspectives of the island while you snorkel to appreciate the seabed.

Easter Island Hiking


The island offers an important number of trails that allow you to visit its main tourist attractions on foot and enjoy wonderful views of volcanoes, cliffs and the sound of the sea.

Kayak Rapa Nui
Adventure Terevaka
Orca Diving Center
Te Ao Tour Transfer Anakena

Rapa Nui Experiences

Easter Island Dances shows

Dances shows

It is absolutely recommended to witness the traditional dances that are shown in various Hanga Roa shows, since in this way we can delve a little deeper into the Rapa Nui culture.

Photo shoots

Photo shoots

Dare to pose for a session with typical costumes and body paint. It is a unique opportunity to share with your partner or family, and take you an indelible memory of ancient traditions.

Crafts and Shopping

Crafts and Shopping

The offer of Rapanui handicrafts and souvenirs that can be acquired is very varied. Highlights include sarongs, necklaces, precious jewels and true works of art made of stone or wood.



Ancestral weddings are organized especially for each couple, and can range from simple rites to complete ceremonies with photoshoots, videos, and the traditional curanto.

Ballet Cultural Kari Kari
Amu'a Rapa Nui
Mana Gallery
Te Ra'ai
Maea Moana
Puna Vai
Visit Toki

Rapa Nui Gastronomy

Typical food

Typical food

The typical local food is based mainly on marine and agricultural products. You have to try the honey, the pineapples, the pattys and the rapanui tuna ceviche, one of their star dishes.

Umu Rapa Nui Easter Island

Umu Rapa Nui

The most traditional preparation is the Umu or Rapanui curanto, which is cooked in a hole in the ground with firewood and red-hot stones, in the same way it was done hundreds of years ago.

Easter Island Restaurants


The offer and quality of the restaurants on Easter Island has grown a lot in recent years and now you can choose simple and cheap menus or gourmet preparations.

Meri Heretea Honey
Vai Tea
Taina Rapa Nui Beer

Easter Island accommodation

Easter Island Hotels


The construction of new and modern hotels on Easter Island has contributed significantly to the improvement of the local tourist offer.

Easter Island Hostels


The hostels in Easter Island are ideal for tourists whose priority is to know and enjoy the attractions of Rapa Nui but without spending too much.

Easter Island Cabins


The cabins on Easter Island are an excellent alternative for families, groups and for those who want to have more freedom and save.

Easter Island Camping


For those traveling on a tight budget and looking for cheap accommodation on Easter Island, camping is the cheapest option in Rapa Nui.

Cabañas Vaiora
Cabañas Hinariru
Cabañas Peretei
Keu Henua

Practical information

How to get to Easter Island

How to get to Easter Island

We inform you about flights, points of origin, airlines and when to buy airline tickets to Easter Island.

Best time to visit Easter Island

Best time to visit Easter Island

Tips to know when to go to Easter Island and the best time to travel according to the season and the events that take place.

Documents and requirements to travel to Easter Island

Documents and requirements

All the information about the documents and requirements necessary to travel to Easter Island.

Easter Island Transport


On Easter Island there is no public transport, but there are other options to get around this small island where it is very difficult to get lost.

Easter Island Money and prices

Money and prices

What currency is used, where to exchange currencies, which banks are in Hanga Roa, and the prices in Rapa Nui for you to calculate your budget.

Easter island Health and vaccines

Health and vaccines

In general, Rapa Nui is a very safe place for the traveler but it is advisable to know the possible risks and thus avoid any inconvenience during the trip.

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Here you will find more information about Easter Island. We offer you news, events, curiosities and everything you wanted to know about this magical place.