Rapa Nui, the most isolated island

Rapa Nui

Since its “discovery” on Easter Sunday in 1722, Rapa Nui has aroused the interest of navigators, historians, scientists and travelers from around the world. Much has been written about what is considered “the most island island”, due to its remote location in the Pacific Ocean. The gigantic volcanic stone statues, known as moai, the unscrambled writing of the Rongo Rongo symbols and the history of its inhabitants who were about to disappear, have originated the myth of Easter Island.


Discover the mysteries of Rapa Nui

Easter Island name

Easter Island name

Learn the origin of the name of Easter Island and the other denominations by which this fascinating island has been known throughout history. Read more »

Where is Rapa Nui?

Where is Easter Island?

Although most people relate the famous giant stone statues, called moai in the Rapanui language, to Easter Island, many ignore where it is located. Do you know the answer? Read more »

Easter Island Flora

Easter Island Flora

The flora of Easter Island does not present a great variety unlike other islands in the South Pacific. The island is 90% covered by grasslands, 5% by tree formations or crops and the remaining 5% by sparse vegetation. Read more »

Easter Island Wildlife Rapa Nui

Easter Island Wildlife

The fauna of Easter Island, as a result of its extreme isolation, is scarce and very poor from the point of view of its diversity, which significantly differentiates it from the rest of the Polynesian islands. Read more »

Easter Island History Rapa Nui

Easter Island History

The history of Easter Island, located in the middle of the South Pacific, has always been surrounded by a halo of mystery, being one of the most remote and remote places in the world. Read more »

Rapa Nui Culture

Rapa Nui Culture

Rapa Nui is a place surrounded by mystery. Its extreme isolation and the abuse suffered by its inhabitants in not very distant times caused very little to be known about the original Rapa Nui culture and its ancient traditions. Read more »

Rapa Nui National Park

Rapa Nui National Park

The protected area of Easter Island acquired the status of National Park on January 16, 1935 and on December 8, 1995, Rapa Nui National Park was declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Read more »

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