What is Imagina?

What is Imagina

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A small grain of sand

In addition to helping with travel, what most excites us is to be able to contribute a little bit with the development of the destinations that have given us so much and we have enjoyed. That’s why we pledge to donate 10% of our incomes (arising from commissions, advertising and other services) to social projects committed to the communities that need it most.

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Mahani Teave and Toki NGO

Mahani Teave
Mahani Teave

Mahani Teave is the first concert pianist from Rapa Nui. She has earned international acclaim for her performances and has won several national and international awards in her still short career.

After completing her studies in Germany, Mahani felt the need to do something for her beloved island, because being so small and isolated place, opportunities are scarce.

Thanks to some donations of instruments, managed to realize her dream, the Rapa Nui Music School, that teaches for free more than 70 students and where there is even a waiting list to enter. The School provides an opportunity for children and young people to develop their artistic talents, gives them a place to learn, study, and learn what is the effort, respect and tolerance.

Escuela de Musica Isla de Pascua
Violin students practicing at the Rapa Nui Music School

La Escuela de Música imparte clases de piano, violín, chelo y ukelele; pero les falta el espacio físico donde realizar todas estas clases. Por ahora les prestan una sala de la Iglesia o enseñan en las casas de los mismos profesores.

The School of Music teaches piano, violin, cello and ukulele, but they lack the physical space to perform all of these classes. For now the local Church is offering some room and the same teachers offer their homes.

Mahani Teave and a group of young Rapa Nui people created Toki NGO whose objective is to develop a cultural space where to preserve and promote the arts and traditions of Easter Island.

Michael Reynolds
The architect Michael Reynolds

The first task on the agenda is to build the music school. Today they have a land that was given on loan by the Municipality of Easter Island. The construction will be provided by Michael Reynolds, American architect specializing in green and self-sufficient buildings in which electricity comes from sun and wind, water from rain, and heating and cooling from the sun and the earth.

To build and finance this project is essential to get great resources. We now have the opportunity to help and give back to this magical place.

Imagine a better world

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Helping to Toki NGO

If you’re not traveling to Easter Island but you want to helpo with this beautiful project you can make your donation:

Banco Estado (Chile)
Bank Account Number: 291-0-003157-2
Name: ONG Centro de Desarrollo Rapa Nui, Toki.
RUT: 65.075.191-4

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