Internet on Easter Island

ciber cafe omotohi internet en isla de pascua

In Easter Island almost all hotels offer internet connection, in some cases through computers accessible to customers and in others there is WiFi signal, although it usually covers only the common areas and not the rooms. In both cases the connection is still very slow and is often interrupted.

More and more cabins and some campsites also offer WiFi service but the further away their location from the city center, the connection will be of worse quality, although it should be enough to check emails and be communicated.


The mobile phone signal on the island only works in Hanga Roa and not always correctly. Cuts in calls or coverage failures are common. Timidly it is extended to other places of the island like Rano Raraku, and it is hoped that soon it will be able to arrive at the Anakena beach.

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If you want to get a more stable internet connection you have to go to some of the few existing establishments in Hanga Roa that have computers to rent and printers. On the main street Atamu Tekena are Man@net, Ciber Hare PC and Omotohi. This last cybercafe also has another seat in Te Pito o Te Henua street on the way to the church of Santa Cruz. Please note that Sundays are closed.

Lastly, it should be remembered that it is not usual for cafés and restaurants to have an internet connection. So this can be a perfect excuse to disconnect from the digital world and enjoy a good conversation and a delicious culinary experience.


WiFi ChileGob, free WiFi in Easter Island

zona wfi chilegob internet en isla de pascua-wifi-isla-de-pascua
WiFi ChileGob Zone in Tekena Toro square

During 2016, the Sub-Secretariat of Telecommunications (Subtel), together with regional governments, launched the first public WiFi network of the Government of Chile. Known as WiFi ChileGob, this project helps improve Internet access in the most vulnerable places in Chile that have few connectivity alternatives.

It is expected that there are more than 1000 ChileGob WiFi zones operating throughout the country, benefiting citizens of isolated, indigenous, rural and low-income urban areas.

See location of WiFi ChileGob zones in Hanga Roa

In Easter Island, specifically in the urban centre of Hanga Roa, three free WiFi zones have been installed in the Tongariki Cultural Center in front of the Pea Beach, the Ringo Kainga Square in front of the town hall and the Tekena Toro Square in the confluence of Te Pito o Te Henua and Atamu Tekena streets. A small step forward to provide the local community and visitors with internet access, further narrowing the existing digital divide on the island.


How to use a WiFi ChileGob zone

The Internet access service in each WiFi Zone ChileGob is free and each session has a duration of 30 minutes, with the possibility of reconnection. Each of the points has capacity for 25 people to navigate simultaneously.

The user can connect to the service using any device such as a personal computer, smartphone or tablet.

How to connect to the ChileGob WiFi zone?

After the option of connection via WiFi in the device is activated the different networks available will appear.

1. Select the Zona ChileGob network.

2. A Welcome page will be displayed in your device, in which you must press the “Continuar” button.

3. The Start page (Inicio) will be displayed and you should do the following:

3.1. Click on the box to the left of the button “Acepto las condiciones de uso”.

3.2. Press the Left, Center or Right button, as requested in the center box.

4. Click the button “Comenzar a navegar”.

4.1. A pop-up window will appear telling you that you have successfully started your session.

4.2. During the entire session, you can display the time consumed.

4.3. Your session will end in 30 minutes. If you wish, and the access point Zona ChileGob has availability of users, you can start a new session.

4.4. If you want to end the session before 30 minutes, press the button “Finalizar sesión”.

Map of WiFi ChileGob zones


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