Mana Gallery

Mana Gallery is a place dedicated to Rapanui art and the archeology of Easter Island. In our gallery you will find works of outstanding local artists and craftsmen who have here a unique space to show their talent to the world.

Among the works we put at your disposal are fine carvings in a variety of top quality woods, stone carvings, oil and acrylic paintings, drawings, exclusive serigraphs and many other works of art.

In addition, we offer delicate fine jewelry in silver, gold, ox horns and beautiful Tahitian pearls.

In Mana Gallery we also have a valuable collection of books about Rapa Nui history and culture.

Address: Petero Atamu St. (close to cemetery) – Hanga Roa
Attention hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00 h.
Phone: +56322550466