Art and Culture

Tapati Festival 2021

The current global situation caused by the impact of Covid-19 has forced the celebration of the Tapati Festival 2021 to be modified. It will only last one week and if commercial flights are not reopened, it will probably be … Read more

Rapa Nui urban art in Hanga Roa

Art as a way of expression and communication has always been present in the history of Easter Island. In addition to the moai, the giant statues that have given the island fame and that are the unquestionable symbol of … Read more

The Resilience of Easter Island

Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is famous for the megalithic statues called moai. It is assumed that deforestation of the island by the Rapa Nui led to a cultural collapse. A brief period of prosperity was followed … Read more

A melody for Rapa Nui

On Thursday 28 November, a benefit concert organized by the NGO Toki to raise funds to build an art school in Easter Island will be performed. Mahani Teave and Toki organization dream to build an arts school in the … Read more