The traveling moai of Easter Island

The A Vere moai, known as the “traveling moai”, is located at the entrance to Tongariki and is one of the most photographed statues on Easter Island. Know its history. The Guardian of TongarikiCONTENTSThe Guardian of TongarikiThe traveling moaiThe … Read more

101 things to do on Easter Island

Easter Island, despite its small size, has so much to offer that we have not been able to resist making our own list in the style of “101 things you have …” that is so fashionable. It is true … Read more

Moai Hoa Hakananai’a, the stolen friend of Rapa Nui

The moai Hoa Hakananai’a, which means the stolen friend, is considered a masterpiece and has become an icon and symbol of Easter Island. Discover its fascinating history. Hoa Hakanani’a, a very special moai statueCONTENTSHoa Hakanani’a, a very special moai … Read more

Moai Kavakava, the spirit with ribs

Undoubtedly, the moai kavakava is one of the most characteristic figures of rapa nui crafts. Formerly carved in toromiro wood, almost extinct tree and in the process of recovery, but other types of wood are currently used. The shape of … Read more