The traveling moai of Easter Island

The A Vere moai, known as the “traveling moai”, is located at the entrance to Tongariki and is one of the most photographed statues on Easter Island. Know its history. The Guardian of Tongariki A singular statue welcomes the … Read more

Mangai, the Polynesian hook of Easter Island

The hook or mangai, in the Rapanui language, is an artifact spread throughout Polynesia and was considered one of the most precious objects that could be had on an island, since through its use, the inhabitants obtained the necessary … Read more

Moai Kavakava, the spirit with ribs

Undoubtedly, the moai kavakava is one of the most characteristic figures of rapa nui crafts. Formerly carved in toromiro wood, almost extinct tree and in the process of recovery, but other types of wood are currently used. The shape of … Read more

The Resilience of Easter Island

Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is famous for the megalithic statues called moai. It is assumed that deforestation of the island by the Rapa Nui led to a cultural collapse. A brief period of prosperity was followed … Read more

Digital copies of moai are created

The organization CyArk seeks to preserve  digitally the most important places of the world against the war, the deterioration and the impact of climate change. We all know you have to make copies of our files and photos, but what … Read more