Easter Island chosen one of the 10 most popular islands

Isla de Pascua una de las 10 islas mas populares del 2013
Ahu Nau Nau backlight on Anakena

When we think of an island, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of beautiful beaches, a sea of ​​calm turquoise waters, soft white sands, palm trees giving shade and,  of course, we imagine a lonely one, almost only for us.

One of the few islands that meets all these requirements to be called a paradise, is undoubtedly Easter Island. This beautiful island has not only white sand beaches with stunning turquoise waters, but also the natural beauty and the mystery of his enigmatic moai, which make it one of the most attractive destinations in the world.


It is for this reason that travelers of Tripadvisor chose Easter Island as one of the 10 most popular islands of 2013, one of the few locations on the planet that remains unspoilt and where it seems that the builders of the mythical stone giants will return at any time to continue their work.

Yes, it is an amazing destination to enjoy a wonderful beach, but Easter Island is much more. The surprise that awaits visitors after the path that leads from Hanga Roa (the only town on the island) to the volcano Rano Kau, is simply indescribable. Getting there and meet that huge crater that one side falls straight to a majestic sea roaring against the rock, is simply an experience that leaves you breathless. We can imagine the ancient Rapanui competitors descending for this almost vertical cliff, on their way to the Motus, to get the first egg of Manutara, and become the winner of the Birdman Competition. What kind of men were able to walk down those cliffs, swim those distances and get back with an intact egg strapped to their heads?

And what kind of men were able to carve giant stone sculptures, take them out of the volcano Rano Raraku, and carry them across the island to put them on their altars (ahu) to protect his people? As much as we walk around the spectacular quarry of Rano Raraku and try to imagine those stone giant going down its slopes and coming across the island, there will be no way to avoid thinking IMPOSSIBLE!

Undoubtedly Easter Island is one of the 10 most popular islands of 2013, and one of the best picks of all time. A perfect place to meet with history, mystery, nature, relaxation, and, of course, with wonderful people who preserved their traditions, music, language, dance, food and are ready to receive visitors with open arms. A place that once discovered is inevitably loved.