Easter Island Restaurants

easter island restaurants

The quality of the Easter Island restaurants has improved a lot and offers a wide variety of foods, which means visitors won’t have any problems finding something of their preference.

However, don’t forget that the prices on the island are much more expensive than on continental land and more expensive than one would expect. Restaurants aren’t an exception, but it’s worth trying at least the most traditional foods and tasting the tuna that has spectacular quality and flavor.


Main Restaurants

Rapa Nui Café Easter Island Restaurants

Rapa Nui Café

In Rapa Nui Café we have created a quiet and very pleasant atmosphere, where our customers can enjoy delicious sweets and cakes made every day, accompanied by Italian coffee of first quality. Read more »

Pea Restobar Easter Island Restaurants

Pea Restobar

Pea Restobar is the oldest restaurant in Rapa Nui, with 22 years of experience giving our customers the best of the local cuisine and innovating every day to offer always something new and delicious. Read more »

Kai Mana Easter Island Restaurants

Kai Mana

We present the most exquisite dishes of the best signature cuisine. Also every night, come and listen to the best local groups and take advantage of our extensive cocktail and drinks menu. Read more »

Tataku Vave Easter Island Restaurants

Tataku Vave

Specialized in sea foods, in Tataku Vave restaurant we offer delicious dishes prepared with care for you to try rapanui unique species while enjoying spectacular views of the sea and cliffs. Read more »

Haka Honu Easter Island Restaurants

Haka Honu

Haka Honu is an expression linked to the sea and the Polynesian culture that defines the action of sliding the body over the waves, as do turtles or surfers challenge the waves every day right in front of our terrace. Read more »

Kanahau Easter Island Restaurants


Kanahau is a family restaurant of Polynesian origin, where we care about respecting Rapanui traditions, fusing local flavors with those of international cuisine. Read more »

Casa Esquina Easter Island Restaurants

Casa Esquina

At Casa Esquina, World Cuisine restaurant, we serve tasty dishes of popular cuisine with a gourmet touch, offering every day the most traditional cuisine from around the world, such as italian, arab, asian, chilean and off course, rapanui. Read more »

Ohi Sushi Easter Island Restaurants

Ohi Sushi

At Ohi Sushi we invite you to enjoy a different gastronomic experience, which combines traditional Japanese cuisine with the best of the fresh products of Easter Island. Read more »

Donde la Tía Sonia Easter Island Restaurants

Donde la Tía Sonia

We are a local home-cooked meals prepared by its own owner, Tia (Aunt) Sonia, who lovingly prepares each dish to give personal attention to their customers. We also provide a daily lunch menu. Read more »

Ma'aranui Native Easter Island Restaurants

Ma’aranui Native

Located in the heart of Hanga Roa, on Atamu Tekena Avenue, our Restaurant Ma’aranui (“Paradise” in Rapanui language) offers good polynesian cuisine that captivates the best of palates. Read more »



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