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Rapa Nui Easter Island Beaches


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While it’s true that Easter Island has a different geography than the other islands in the Polynesian triangle, with high rocky cliffs and and it’s not surrounded by huges beaches, the Easter Island beaches are certainly wonderful, especially Ovahe and Anakena. These both two small beaches are located just across from the village of Hanga Roa so are quiet and almost lonely enclaves where white coral and volcanic rock red have formed soft sands welcome the traveler in search of rest and peace.

The Easter Island beaches are ideal for swimming all year round. The sea in this part of the Pacific Ocean is quiet with a fascinating turquoise color and the perfect temperature. On the other hand, the luminosity of the waters surrounding Easter Island is rare to find in other parts of the world, so it is very common to see clearly small goldfish swimming around us.


Main beaches of Easter Island

Anakena Rapa Nui Easter Island Beaches


Anakena is the main beach on Easter Island but is not just an idyllic beach. This place is considered the origin of history and culture of Easter Island. Read more »

Ovahe Rapa Nui Easter Island Beaches


Ovahe is the second beach on Easter Island; but unlike Anakena, it’s much smaller and far less crowded, making it a paradise that you can have almost all to yourself. Read more »

Pea Beach Rapa Nui Easter Island Beaches

Pea Beach

Pea Beach is a small beach located on the coast of Hanga Roa.This is an ideal place for surfing and body boarding, especially if you’re a beginner. Read more »

Poko Poko Beach Rapa Nui Easter Island Beaches

Poko Poko

The Poko Poko natural pool, located in Hanga Vare Vare, is a small paradise located a few steps from the center of Hanga Roa. Get to know its attractions. Read more »

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