Tadeo-Lili Cultural Foundation

Tadeo-Lili Cultural Foundation Hanga Roa Easter Island


A nice space facing the sea

Jardín de piedras en la sala del museo de la FFundación Cultural Tadeo-Lili
Rock garden in the museum room of the Tadeo-Lili Foundation

The Tadeo Lili Teao Frechet Cultural Foundation is a private non-profit foundation that was created in 2013 as a tribute from Lili Frechet, of French origin, to her husband Tadeo Teao, born rapanui, who died in 2011.

The visit to the Tadeo-Lili Foundation is a perfect complement to the Anthropological Museum, since it shows the history of the island and its ancient culture, but in this one it is possible to know the way of life and the capacities of a contemporary Rapanui inhabitant.

The Foundation is located in front of the sea on the coastal path that borders Hanga Roa a few steps before reaching Pea Beach in an unbeatable location. The small blue painted entrance door, with motifs of the Tangata Manu, leads to the main building where the museum is housed.

A large stone moai welcomes the exhibition that is presented in a large diaphanous room illuminated by large windows from where you can see the sea. Its center is occupied by a traditional rock garden adorned with carved stones and on the ceiling hangs a mobile sculpture (similar to Calder’s) made by an American artist based in the island, with old glass buoys used for fishing.

A life project

The tour begins with the following text: “The Tadeo-Lili Cultural Foundation reveals the history of life, an example of overcoming and integrating of Tadeo Teao Hereveri in the Rapanui community of the last 50 years and the way as he builds a life project founded on respect for the diverse and integral development of the person“.

This precious mangai or hook with horse's head is the symbol of the Foundation Cultural Tadeo-Lili
This precious mangai or hook with horse’s head is the symbol of the Foundation

Panels with the genealogy of Tadeo, descendant from the royal tribe Miru Nui Nui, are shown, and relations and comparisons are established with different ethnicities of the world. A few rusty objects recall the ancient leper where Tadeo was born, along with old photos of his ancestors.

Then there are some showcases with beautiful pieces carved in bone by Tadeo, among which stand out a beautiful mangai or rapanui hook shaped like a horse’s head that has become the logo of the foundation. In the background there is a corner dedicated to the love that Tadeo felt for horses, where several saddles, leather and wood stirrups, boots, hats and horseshoes are displayed.

A love story

Wedding crowns made with sea shells Fundación Cultural Tadeo-Lili
Wedding crowns made with sea shells

Now enters the scene of the love story between Tadeo and Lili. In 1983 Lili arrived to know the island during a vacation from Brasilia, where she worked for the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. In a meeting to which she is invited she meets Tadeo, and they marry a few months later. After a short time, she left Brasilia and the diplomatic world to which she belonged and settled on the island, in a small familiar area that receives Tadeo.

This extraordinary contrast between two so disparate worlds is reflected in the sympathetic figures of a moai and an Eiffel Tower model. A close panel shows the different stages of the construction of their home, starting with a small tent to finish in the current house built with trunks from a shipwreck and stones collected from the shore.

Figure made of mahute and objects in stone and wood made by Tadeo - Fundación Cultural Tadeo-Lili
Figure made of mahute and objects in stone and wood made by Tadeo

On the following wall, a large map and a trunk symbolize the numerous trips around the world the couple made during their holidays. Also shown are the guitar that Tadeo played and a series of beautiful works of carving in stone and wood made by Tadeo, among which stand out several reproductions of tablets Rongo Rongo tablets and the first moai carved by Tadeo when he was 6 years old.

The exhibition concludes with a photo of Tadeo and the following text: “I am a man of oceanic water. I was born in the water of the maternal womb, my last breath was in the sea waves“. Tadeo died during a fishing accident off the coast of Hanga Piko in 2011.

Souvenirs, meetings and accommodation

In an annex building Lili Frechet organizes exhibitions, meetings, debates and cultural talks. The Foundation also has a small shop where you can find beautiful wood and stone crafts made by Tadeo, collection magazines, books, postcards, prints, etc.

View of the garden and guest cabins Fundación Cultural Tadeo-Lili
View of the garden and guest cabins

Furthermore for those who want to enjoy the hospitality and the great knowledge of the island that offers Lili, can stay in one of the two cabins, spacious and cozy, located in the same grounds.

Attention hours

Monday: 15:00, 16:00, 17:00 and 18:00 h
Wednesday and Friday: 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00 h.
All visits are guided. On-demand visits can be organized on other days and schedules for groups of at least 5 people.


General admission: $ 2000
Children under 10 years: $ 1000

How to get to the Foundation

Address: Policarpo Toro street
Phone: +56322100422



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