National Surf Circuit of Chile in Easter Island

national surf circuit of chile

For the first time in the history of this sport, since it is federated, Easter Island will be integrated in the National Surf Circuit of Chile from 8th to 12th of October. The Maui and Sons Rapa Nui Pro aims to mark a milestone in this sport and awaits the best surfers in the country.

Ten years after the surf is recognized as a federated sport in Chile, Rapa Nui debutes for the first time ever, hosting the championship that is sweeping the coasts of the country where the best waves are found to develop this sport.

Alongside the competitions that are currently developed in Arica, Iquique, La Serena, Maitland, Viña del Mar and Pichilemu, islanders await to take part in this championship and to make known their culture, closely linked to the sea with great tradition.


“The history of surfing in the island began with our parents in the 60s and 70s, when they got to sea with plywood boards that drew from school tables. Back then, they cut and modeled them to look like surfboards” says Tavake Pachomius, secretary of Sportive Club Hakanini of Easter Island.

With over 100 competitors registered throughout Chile, the sixth round of the National Surf Circuit could begin to define the future champion who has as leader as Maximiliano Cross from Viña del Mar, followed of Cristian Merello and Nicolás Vargas from Pichilemu, Tristán Aicardi from Atacama and lastly Guillermo Satt from Arica, defending champion, who is coming of conquer the international title of the ALAS Latin Tour in Trujillo, Peru.

The major competitors have just arrive to the island in addition to the many fans who will arrive this weekend with their surfboards to the navel of the world. From 8 to 12 October, Easter Island is added for the first time ever to the National Surf Circuit where the famous Motu Hava wave aims to elevate the surfers in the eyes of the moai, tourists and islanders.

Source: Maui & Sons