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Easter Island Travel – top-ranked tour agency

Being a recently founded travel agency since 2012, Easter Island Travel is a flexible company, listening to what passengers really want. Consistently happy customers has given Easter Island Travel a strong online reputation, being ranked the #1 Easter Island tour agency at the world’s most important travel review site TripAdvisor.

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Discover the Easter Island mysteries your way

It is through experiences that you experience the world. To let you experience Easter Island your way, Easter Island Travel offers a wide variety of tour options, from classic tours when visiting sites in a vehicle, to multiple day horseback rides and boat trips. Any ideas for a custom trip are also welcome – with Easter Island Travel, everything is possible!

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Exploring one step further

The slogan of this company – Exploring one step further – suits Easter Island Travel well, since that is exactly what you will do with them. See those classical, important sites that every traveler must visit, but also go one step further to discover those anonymous, unique hidden gems that most Easter Island tourists never even hear about. With Easter Island Travel, you’ll have the opportunity to discover Easter Island in the fullest and most comprehensive way, bringing with you memories of a lifetime.

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Family-owned local company with love for Easter Island

Easter Island Travel is owned by local married couple Marcus Edensky, originally from Sweden, and Alicia Ika, born and raised at Easter Island.

Marcus Edensky is one of the few foreigners that has ever learnt to fluently speak the native language of Easter Island; Rapa Nui. He is the founder of Tāpura Re’o – the only newspaper ever written entirely in Rapa Nui language.

Alicia Ika is the only female Rapa Nui solo artist and is also a surf instructor. She was the first one to open up a surf school at the island.


Their love for Easter Island reflects in everything they do. Whenever Easter Island Travel customers pass the remote and barren north coast on horse, a tree is planted to help reforesting the island, and to let their passengers leave their footprint on the island for future generations.

Planing tree Easter Island Travel

Leave your vacation to the experts

Book your whole trip through Easter Island Travel to make sure you’re not missing anything, and you’ll be supporting the local economy to the last cent. Give them your arrival and departure dates, let them know what you expect of your trip, and they will be happy to help you make the most out of your Easter Island vacation. Knowing the local market well, they know who to trust and will find the perfect hotel that will suit your needs.

Book your dream adventure today.


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Address: Te Pito o Te Henua St. – Hanga Roa
Attention Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 18:00 h
Phone: +56975103841



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