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Hiking to the caves

Vai Teka Tours offers the unique experience of knowing the underground world of Rapa Nui, specifically in the Roiho sector. In this place is located the largest chain of caverns of the earth, counting on more than 240 caves and 2,300 archaeological sites. An unforgettable experience in which local guides will tell their knowledge based on oral tradition.

The tour starts at Ana Vai Teka (a cave with a tiny lagoon inside), then visit Ana Ohoka (cave with a tupa system) and Ana Heva, also known as Vai Tapairi. Then we will explore Ana Te Pahu (the bananas cave), from where we will go to the coast to discover the archaeological site of Ahu Te Peu, origin of legends, and the nearby Ana Te Pora cave. We will finish the tour in Ana Kakenga or cave of the two windows, so named for its two openings that overlook the sea.

During the tour, surrounded by incredible landscapes, we can see other caves, petroglyphs, quarries of paenga (a type of stone used for construction) and moai statues. Also, we will know the native vegetation of each cave, some typical birds of the coast of Rapa Nui as the Manu Kena or Makohe, and with a bit of luck whales (during the winter season).

Approximate duration: between 3 and 4 hours.


• 1 person: $ 30,000 CLP
• 2 people: $ 45,000 CLP
• 3 people: $ 60,000 CLP
• 4 people: $ 80,000 CLP
• 5 people: $ 90,000 CLP
• 6 people: $ 105,000 CLP

Hours: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Note: For safety reasons and for more personalized attention during the tour, the group will have a maximum of 6 people.

More information and tips

• It is recommended to wear sunscreen and shoes suitable for walks.

• It includes a small snack, mineral water (in glass), fruit or chocolates.

• All tours include transfer to and from the accommodation (maximum punctuality).

•  The tours will be conducted in all weather conditions.

•  Guides speak English and Spanish.

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Address: Te Hoe Manu St. – Hanga Roa
Phone: +56962440242 |+56940218167



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