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Tatauro Servicios Turisticos Easter Island Tours

We invite you to visit Easter Island in different and personalized tours, where you will learn about the history, culture, life and customs of Rapanui and about the nature and geography of this wonderful island.

Our main interest is that visitors not only see the places but also understand what they were used for, how they were built and what the motivations, beliefs and religiosity of their former inhabitants were.
We offer different tour alternatives:

Orongo Tour (half day)

We will visit the two viewpoints of the Rano Kau volcano and then the ceremonial city of Orongo, which played a fundamental role in the development of the Bird-Man competition.

Tour Cavernas (half day)

We will visit Ahu Akivi and the most important caves of the island, full of spirituality and history.

Full day tour

During one day, we will visit the most important places in Rapa Nui, such as the Recreative Village (a recreation of how it was lived in antiquity), Ahu Aka Hanga, the Rano Raraku volcano (the moai quarry), Ahu Tongariki, Papa Vaka , and we will end up at the beautiful Anakena beach.

All tours are made in groups of at least 3 people. Private and customized tours, consult.

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Address: Atamu Tekena St. – Te Moai Gallery – Tiare Ngaoho Shop
Phone: +56998113810



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