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Our agency is formed by young entrepreneurs, bilingual, belonging to the Rapa Nui ethnic group who are qualified guides and are dedicated to give a personalized attention to each of our visitors.

The main objective of our team is that on each tour participants feel, imbibe and learn about our culture, beliefs and traditions, so that when they return home they will take with them an unforgettable experience of our small island.

We stand out for the quality of the service delivered to each of our visitors. We are trained both in languages ​​and in the knowledge of the history of our Rapa Nui ethnic group, in order to deliver reliable information based on oral traditions that have been maintained over time, combined with information from scientific research and also from the latest Anthropological and archaeological advances that have been developed.

In this way we achieve that our visitors feel and live what they are being told, as if they were living it in the same moment in which the ancestral events took place. This is what we, as an agency, find most important: developing a cultural, ethnic, ecological, anthropological and environmental learning tourism.

Upon reaching Easter Island, the visitor enters another atmosphere, where he can appreciate the different customs and traditions of the place, living with the people and learning about their culture. And all that without leaving aside the entertaining and playful part, such as boat rides, artisanal fishing, gastronomy, diving, shopping, assistance to musical artistic shows and typical dances and a host of interesting activities.

Full day tour

This tour begins its journey through a large part of the south coast of the island, starting in the sector of Akahanga, archaeological site with traces of great importance. We will continue our tour going to the largest restored platform, with 15 moai, Ahu Tongariki. Then we will visit the place where the moai were built, the Rano Raraku quarry, one of the main archaeological sites where an important part of the ancient megalithic culture of the island was developed, as was the elaboration of the moai. To end this tour, we will conclude with a visit to the mythical Anakena beach, a place with white coral sands and the point of arrival of the first Polynesian colonists on the island. In this place you can enjoy an hour and a half of beach.
(It is recommended to bring a swimsuit, towel, sun block, slippers and water)

Half Day Tour Sector Orongo

Our half-day tour to the ceremonial village of Orongo begins with a visit to the viewpoint of the city that offers a panoramic view of the most important points of the city of Hanga Roa. Then we continue advancing to the viewpoint of Rano Kau, exceptional view of the volcanic crater and continue with the visit to the ceremonial village of Orongo (rite of the bird man) ending with the arrival at the Ahu Tahira in which stands out for the millimeter cuts and the type of assembly of the stones that make it up, inevitably recalling the observed in structures as distant as the walls of Cuzco in Peru. All this in the sector known as Vinapú.

Half Day Tour Sector Akivi

The half day Akivi takes us first to the sector of Puna Pau, quarry where the “mooi” of the moai called Pukao were built. Then we will meet the famous 7 moai that look at the sea in the sector of Ahu Akivi, place where the first scientific restoration was made in Rapa Nui, made by the well-known North American archaeologist William Malloy. And finally, we will visit one of the ceremonial villages on the island, Tahai.

Adventure Tour Caves

This tour is very special because there are three different caverns, starting with Ana Kakenga (cavern of the two windows) where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the sea. We continue the journey to Ana Te Pora, a great cavern of volcanic origin, and finally we will visit the Ana Te Pahu cave (cavern of the banana trees).

Boat tour and artisanal fishing

To learn more about our sea, we also offer a boat tour to the Motu Nui islets, Motu Iti, Motu Kao Kao, on the south west coast of the island, where the ancestral competition of the Tangata Manu (bird man ).

You can also snorkel and appreciate the amazing transparency of the waters of Rapa Nui and get to know the varied endemic fish species of bright colors that live here.

And if a visitor is interested in fishing offshore, we also offer this possibility through which you will learn the ancestral fishing methods used by our ancestors. Thus integrating part of our culture and impregnated with it.

City Tour in Hanga Roa

To learn more about the island, we offer a city tour that visits part of our small center and its most outstanding places such as:

Padre Sebastian Englert Museum: an essential visit to better understand the most relevant historical events and see unique pieces such as the Moai Femenino or the only Eye of Moai that has been found on the island.

Artisan Market: in the heart of the town, next to the Santa Cruz Catholic Church. In this place it is possible to find typical crafts of the Rapa Nui culture

Santa Cruz Catholic Church: know the church where all our community attends Catholic Masses officiated in both Spanish and Rapa Nui. Prayers and songs in our native Rapa Nui dialect are also part of this beautiful ceremony, which you can enjoy attending the Sunday Mass at 09:00 a.m. (NOTE: more than ninety percent of the original Rapa Nui population is of Catholic belief).

Sunrise Tour in Ahu Tongariki (15 moai)

On this tour you can enjoy one of the most wonderful excursions of our island, the Sunrise in Ahu Tonagariki, an unforgettable experience. Indescribable spectacle that gives dawn between December 21, “summer solstice”, and March 21, “autumn equinox”, when the sun rises through the back of the Ahu (platform), between its giant stone sculptures , giving away unforgettable images.
It includes breakfast.
06.40 am approx pick-up – 08:30 am approx

“The landscapes can be visited a thousand times, but there will always be something new in them, that is the magic of Rapa Nui”

Other services

Ask about our additional services, tailored to your needs, such as Tours Express, Private Tours, Services for student groups (study trips), Day trip to our natural pools (includes BBQ), Reception at the airport, etc.


We invite you to also know our lodging options in Tararaina and Tararaina House Cabins.

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