Top 10 Easter Island


We introduce you 10 essential places and activities you hace to experience when you visit Easter Island.

1. Rano Raraku, the quarry of the moais

Moais at Rano Raraku Easter Island

Here you will find the most common image of Easter Island, the half buried moai  in the slope of Rano Raraku volcano. Hundreds of years ago was used as a quarry by Rapa Nui for carving and extracting these colossal statues. Read more...


2. Hiking the Rano Kau volcano

Rano Kau Volcano Top 10 Easter Island

The view of the crater of Rano Kau volcano from the viewpoint is impressive. A huge caldera now inactive and where the lava has been replaced by a lagoon with reed plants. A perfect place for hiking and admire the scenery. Read more…

3. Orongo ceremonial village

Orongo Top 10 Easter Island

The Orongo village located on the right edge of the crater of Rano Kau, as a capricious gem, is a magical place where the mystique breath of the ancient tournament of Tangata Manu or Bird Man was held here. Read more…

4. Anakena beach y Ahu Nau Nau

Anakena beach and Ahu Nau Nau Top 10 Easter island

On Easter Island there are only three beaches, but undoubtedly, the beach of Anakena is “the beach” on the island. Surrounded by lush palm trees brought from Tahiti, fine white sand and crystal clear waters, is the perfect spot to relax. Read more…

5. Tapati Rapa Nui Festival

Tapati Rapa Nui Festival Top 10 Easter Island

The Tapati Rapa Nui, which literally means “Week Rapa Nui” is the most important cultural festival of Easter Island and is celebrated every year during the first two weeks of February. A unique opportunity to enjoy and learn about ancient sports, crafts, live music, dancing and a grand finale parade. Read more…

6. Sunrise at Ahu Tongariki

Sunsrise at Ahu Tongariki Top 10 Easter Island

Ahu Tongariki is the most spectacular platform of Easter Island. Its isolated location, the nearby Poike volcano and the waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing behind it, give an air of majesty and mystery unmatched. Watching the sunrise behind its 15 moais, oriented to Rano Raraku volcano, is unforgettable. Read more…

7. A show of  Rapa Nui dances

Typical Rapa Nui dances Top 10 Easter island

Although it may seem a cliché, it is strongly recommended to attend to one of the several shows at Hanga Roa, where  the typical dances of Easter Island are shown, because this way, we can delve a little deeper into the culture of Rapa Nui. The dances offered are really authentic and although they are aimed at tourists, are also intended as a way to preserve the ancient culture and making young islanders to know and love their heritage. Read more...

8. Sunset at Ahu Tahai

Sunset at Ahu Tahai Top 10 Easter Island

Tahai, near Hanga Roa, is possibly the best place to watch the sunset after a hectic day. The set of three ahus is located in a peaceful meadow waterfront where to watch the sunset behind the statues. Read more…

9. The misterious caves

Easter Island caves Top 10 Easter Island

In Easter Island can be found dozens of caves caused by lava tubes created by volcanic eruptions that shaped the island. Ana Te Pahu or Cave of the Bananas is one of its best exponents. Within it the lava left several openings where sunlight is filtered creating small nurseries for plants. Read more…

10. Sebastian Englert Museum

Sebastian Englert Museum Top 10 Easter Island

The visit to Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum may be the best way to end the stay on the island. There the history and the various theories about the statues and Rapa Nui culture are explained and help to understand and assimilate all the wonders that have been seen. Read more...