101 things to do on Easter Island

101 things to do on Easter Island

Easter Island, despite its small size, has so much to offer that we have not been able to resist making our own list in the style of “101 things you have …” that is so fashionable. It is true that to complete all the points it would be necessary to make several trips to Easter Island. That is the challenge.

There are many who, trapped by an inexplicable energy, repeat their visit to this magical island. For all of them, for those who visit it for the first time and for anyone who wants to experience Rapa Nui thoroughly, here are our 101 suggestions. Take good note and share them!


If you are fascinated by the mysterious statues, when you travel to Easter Island you have to …

Watching the sunset in Tahai 101 things to do on Easter Island Rapa Nui
Watching the sunset in Tahai

1. Get up early to see the sunrise in Tongariki

An unforgettable show that many travelers dream of all their lives. If you want the perfect photo of the sunrise in Tongariki, remember that the sun rises right behind the statues during the southern summer, between September and March, although the show is amazing at any time.

2. Meet the “traveler” moai

This iconic moai welcomes visitors to the Ahu Tongariki. He is well known for his trip to Japan to participate in an exhibition. It was also one of the statues that made “walk” the Czech engineer Pavel Pavel .

3. Walk around Rano Raraku, the moai factory

The huge figures and quarries of the Rano Raraku volcano exceed any expectation and get the traveler to be speechless when he contemplates one of the most fascinating mysteries of humanity.

4. Be amazed with the biggest moai ever sculpted

This is Te Tokanga, “the giant”, which with a length of almost 22 meters and an estimated weight of 200 tons, can not have a more appropriate name. He lies on the side of Rano Raraku and it seems that his optimistic sculptors realized that they could never move a statue with a weight equivalent to that of a commercial plane, so they didn’t bother to finish it.

5. Admire the carving of the statue moai of the Ahu Nau Nau

Ahu Nau Nau is the most elaborate and best preserved platform of the three that were built in Anakena. The statues remained buried for a long time in the sand, which protected them from erosion. Its surface is very polished and the features of the face, nose, ears and hands are finely carved.


6. See the 7 moai of Ahu Akivi

Ahu Akivi is the first ahu that was restored on the island and the only one whose statues face the sea. It is believed that his seven figures remind the seven explorers who according to legend arrived at Rapa Nui sent by their king Hotu Matu’a.

7. Observe one of the rare female moai

This moai, with clearly feminine features, is one of the twelve female moai that have been discovered on Easter Island. You can find it at the Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum.

8. Walk along Te ara or Te Moai, the way of moai

The beginning of the road is located 4 km from the Rano Raraku volcano. This was one of the paths used by the ancient natives to lead the statues from the quarry to each ceremonial platform.

9. Watch the sunset in Tahai

Many travelers head to Tahai to watch the sunset behind the moai statues. The light of the sunset leaves the silhouettes of the statues backlit on a background that changes color as the sun sets on the horizon. An unforgettable magical and mystical moment is created for any visitor.

10. Know the moai with two pairs of hands

The lonely moai that rises in the Ahu Huri a Urenga, has two pairs of hands engraved on his torso. This place is very special because it served as an astronomical observatory to regulate the crops and other activities of the island.

If you want to see other interesting places, when you travel to Easter Island you have to …

Visitors in the village of Orongo 101 things to do on Easter Island
Visitors in the village of Orongo

11. Visit the ceremonial village of Orongo

At the southwest end of the Rano Kau volcano, the ceremonial village of Orongo is located. In this magical place the annual bird-man competition took place to choose the Tangata Manu.

12. Decipher the different engravings of Papa Vaka

Papa Vaka is an archaeological site that is characterized by the large number of petroglyphs (rock incisions) that extend over large rocks that emerge from the ground level. Among the figures you can distinguish various sea creatures, in addition to vaka (canoes) and mangai (hooks).

13. Discover the Ahu te Peu alone

The remains found in Ahu Te Peu have remained virtually intact since the ancient inhabitants left the place. The statues that lie broken and abandoned, the half-buried moai heads and the loneliness of the place convey the novelesque sensation of being before the vestiges of an ancient lost civilization.

14. Find the face of Vai to Heva in Poike

On the hill closest to the top of the Poike, there is Vai a Heva, a huge 3-meter head carved into the rock wall. Its wide and deep open mouth served to collect rainwater. According to a legend, who drank or immersed himself in the water of this pool was always able to stay young.

15. Walk around Puna Pau, the quarry of the pukao

The visit to the quarry of the Puna Pau volcano, where the pukao were extracted and carved, is advisable to understand how the ancient natives made the large red cylinders that adorned the head of the statues.


16. Know an ancient stone trumpet

That was the function of an ancient stone known as Pu o Hiro, which means “Hiro’s trumpet”, ancient rain god. The ancient islanders blew the stone through one of the holes to emit a deep sound, which is said to attract fish.

17. Discover the lagoon of the Rano Raraku volcano

Many visitors fascinated by the moai of the quarries of Rano Raraku, forget to visit the inner lagoon of the crater. The lagoon, where horses usually go to graze and drink, is one of the main wetlands of Rapa Nui and until recently it was the scene of the Rapanui triathlon.

18. Admire the “Inca” wall of the Ahu Tahira in Vinapu

On the Vinapu site there is an enigmatic wall that shows one of the finest works of Rapanui architecture. The way of joining the large blocks of stone, without mortar and with great precision, closely resembles the type of construction developed by the Incas in Peru.

19. Visit the facilities of Fundo Vaitea

These are the only remains left of the livestock facility of the Exploitation Company of Easter Island. This commercial company had control of the island for many years and confined the Rapanui population to live in the urban core of Hanga Roa. A sad story not to be forgotten.

If you like to eat and try new things, when you travel to Easter Island you have to …

Cebiche pascuense 101 cosas que ver y hacer cuando viajes a Isla de Pascua
Cebiche rapanui

20. Have breakfast at the agricultural fair

If you want to fraternize with the locals, a good way is to go to breakfast in the small cafeteria of the agricultural fair located in Atamu Tekena, the main street. Then you can buy fruits and vegetables or decide which souvenir you will take at the craft stalls.

21. Taste the Rapanui ceviche

Ceviche, although not native to Rapa Nui, has become a typical island dish, especially tuna ceviche. It is prepared with a wide variety of fish and sauces, but the tuna ceviche stands out.

22. Cool off with a local beer

Mahina beer was the first beer made in the most isolated corner of the world. Recently Taina beer has been released. Try them and choose the one you like best. You can also buy a bottle and give it to that friend who collects beers from the world. An exclusive trophy for his private museum.

23. Try the po’e, a typical Rapanui cake

The po’e is made with banana, coconut or sweet potato, among other ingredients. No matter what you choose, you will repeat for sure. You will find it as a dessert in some restaurants and in some food stores and minimarkets next to the cash register so that you fall into temptation.

24. Choose your favorite tuna pie

It will be difficult for you to decide between those of  Tía Berta, Tía Sonia, that of Pea, those of “carts,” etc. or if you prefer them fried or baked. A whole dilemma. A tasty and economical delicacy at the same time.

25. Try the delicious little pineapples

Rapanui pineapples are so small and decorative that It’s sad to eat them. Local shopkeepers peel and stick them in a stake to eat them like a candy apple. Its flavor and sweetness are extraordinary, as is its high price.

26. Cool off with an artisanal ice cream

Close to Hanga Roa Otai you will find the Pea or MiKafe ice cream shops among other options. These ice creams are made with local products such as taro (a type of tuber) or the tipanie flower.

If you like active tourism, when you travel to Easter Island you can …

Start of the path to Rano Kau
Start of the path to Rano Kau

27. Walk up the Rano Kau volcano

The path that begins at the CONAF nursery garden ascends the Ao road until it ends at the Rano Kau viewpoint. From here you can admire a beautiful panorama of this amazing natural wonder.

28. Be amazed at the view from Vai Atare

From Vai Atare, located in front of Orongo, you have a magnificent view of the three islets or motu, the Kari Kari (the great “bite” of the crater) and the vertigo cliffs where the waves break, 300 meters below.

29. Trekking through the Poike

The somewhat distant and isolated location and its difficult access make the Poike volcano a little visited place. However, this mysterious territory contains secret corners and ancient legends that invite you to discover it calmly and get to know the island’s past better.

30. Horse riding and connect with nature

Horseback riding is one of the best ways to explore Easter Island calmly, since in addition to accessing areas where you cannot reach by car, it allows greater contact with nature.

31. Get off the marked path and see the north coast

The wild north coast of the island is a lonely area, which remains almost virgin since it is hardly visited by tourists. You can see many remains of ahu, moai, caves and petroglyphs, but since there is practically no road it is advisable to make this interesting adventure accompanied by a guide.

32. Cycle the island

The healthiest and funniest way to get around the island is to do it on two wheels. To feel the sea breeze on the coast road, or the speed on the slope that goes down to Anakena is priceless. You can rent your bike in several places along with the rest of the necessary equipment.

33. Climb to the top of Ma’unga Terevaka

The views from the summit of the Terevaka cover a 360º panorama, which allows you to get an idea of the isolation of Rapa Nui. You can climb to the top by trekking or riding a horse accompanied by an experienced guide.

34. Participate in the Rapa Nui marathon

The marathon of Easter Island, also known as Marathon Rapa Nui, has been held since 2005, midway through each year. It is a unique race to break your own record with the ancient stone giants as witnesses.

If you prefer to walk and get to know Hanga Roa, when you travel to Easter Island you can …

Hanga Roa Otai harbour
Hanga Roa Otai harbour

35. Walk along the coastal path of Hanga Roa

This coastal road, which begins in Mataveri on the lower slope of the Rano Kau volcano and ends in Tahai, runs through historical, cultural and social places of great importance to the Rapanui people.

36. Stamping your passport at the Post Office

Go to the Correos Chile Post Office located on Te Pito or Te Henua street to stamp your passport with an exclusive stamp with the moai silhouettes of the Ahu Nau Nau. A unique memory that will help you to presume that you have traveled to the remote Easter Island. You can get another similar stamp on Sernatur office.

37. Watch a football or rugby match

Pelé himself inaugurated the new facilities of this sports court located in the heart of Hanga Roa. Here you can watch football and rugby matches where local and foreign teams measure their strength.

38. Attend the sung Mass in Rapanui language

It is advisable not to miss the Sunday mass in the church of Santa Cruz, which is attended by many islanders dressed in their best clothes. Although the liturgy is in Spanish, all the songs are in Rapanui language. Tourists, as long as they are respectful, are invited to share this special encounter with the Rapanui community.

39. Go to the compass rose

Near the Chilean Navy office, on the coastal road, there is a wind rose, with signs that mark different destinations on the planet. You will realize how far you are from home.

40. Meet the Peace moai in Hanga Vare Vare

The Moai de la Paz (Peace moai) was built in 1992 with basaltic rock from the Rano Aroi volcano. With a height of 3 meters and 5 tons of weight, he was traveling through different countries until he returned to the island and settled here for the celebration of the solar eclipse that took place in 2010.

41. Watch the landing of the planes

From the small port of Hanga Piko you can almost touch the wheels of the approaching planes from the sea to land at the Mataveri airport. Afterwards you can continue enjoying the views and excellent dishes at the nearby Tataku Vave Restaurant.

42. Stroll with respect for Tahai Cemetery

In the Tahai cemetery it is possible to appreciate the religious syncretism of Easter Island. Some of the tombstones are adorned with motifs that intermingle Christian and Rapanui iconography.

43. Touch a moai in the center of Hanga Roa

Touching an authentic moai is strictly prohibited because its surface is very vulnerable to human contact and easily wears out. However, now you can touch the magnificent replica that stands in the Te Moai gallery and rest on the terrace of Café Eco Taina.

44. Waiting for the arrival of fishing in Hanga Piko

In this small fishing port, you can see the catches of artisanal fishermen who moor their boats here. They will be happy to chat and explain the names of species as colorful as the toremu or as large as the swordfish.

If you like the underground world, when you travel to Easter Island you have to …

Ana Kakenga, the cave of the two windows
Ana Kakenga, the cave of the two windows | Photo: Vaiteka Tours

45. Watch the ocean from Ana Kakenga

In the Ana Kakenga cave two large natural windows 30 meters high were formed, where the lava flow flowed towards the sea. From here you have fantastic views of the nearby islets, called motu Tautara and motu Ko Hepoko.

46. Visit the cave of the virgins

Without a doubt, the most famous cave of the Poike is Ana o Keke, also called the cave of the virgins. Near its entrance, which is located about 90 meters above sea level, there are interesting petroglyphs with curious symbols yet to be deciphered.

47. Enter the cave of bananas

Ana Te Pahu also known as the “Bananas Cave” is one of the longest and most interesting caves on the island. In ancient times, it served as a nursery for edible plants and a place of refuge in times of war and conflict.

48. See the cave paintings of the cannibals cave

That at least is one of the translations of the Ana Kai Tangata cave. Its spectacular location on the seashore, the proximity to Hanga Roa, its cave paintings and the legends that surround it, make it one of the most attractive caves of Rapa Nui.

If you are a lover of animals and plants, when you travel to Easter Island you can …

Tipanie flower in the Botanical Garden
Tipanie flower in the Botanical Garden

49. Discover the different species of the botanical garden

The Tau Kiani Botanical Garden has become the new tourist attraction of Easter Island. Walking through its meandering route among hundreds of plant species is very relaxing. There are beautiful corners with Rapanui images to discover. Don’t forget to visit the bathrooms, even if you don’t need to go.

50. Temporarily adopt a pet

On the island there are many loose dogs, many have owners, who usually approach travelers in search of affection. They are not dangerous and if you travel the island on your own, they may accompany you everywhere and even pose in the photos.

51. Watch sea turtles in Pea beach

Apart from resting, sunbathing and cooling off on the shore, at Pea beach you can also observe sea turtles. With a little luck and patience, it is relatively easy to surprise these nice animals when they approach the shore. Take pictures but avoid physical contact.

52. Listen to the birds of the red-tailed tropic

The red-tailed tropic bird (Phaethon rubricauda), known as the Tavake in the Rapanui language, usually flits in large groups around the Rano Raraku volcano, especially during the breeding season. In addition to the two long red feathers of its tail, it is noted for the characteristic squeak they emit.

53. Visit the Conaf nursery garden in Mataveri

There you can see native species in danger of extinction such as the toromiro that grow in the manavai, an ancient cultivation system in the form of stone circle that protect the plants from the wind.

54. Dodge the hundreds of horses scattered across the island

It is said that on Easter Island there are more horses than people. These beautiful animals walk around the island in search of fresh grass. Sometimes they invade archeological sites and roads. Be careful when driving your vehicle and slow down when cornering.

If you want to immerse yourself in the Rapanui culture, when you travel to Easter Island you have to

Traditional dance show
Traditional dance show

55. Learn some words in the Rapanui language

The Rapa Nui language uses only ten consonants and five vowels, which makes it difficult to learn because many words sound too similar. But it is nice to try to remember a few words to greet, thank and better understand the names and concepts most used on the island.

56. Attend a traditional dance show

The sensuality of the dancers and the strength of the ancient warriors make the spectators vibrate. There are several dance groups in Hanga Roa that perform throughout the week, so it is almost possible to find at least one show every day.

57. Visit the Sebastian Englert Museum

The anthropological museum dedicated to the German priest Sebastian Englert, a scholar of the Rapanui culture, is a must to complement the visit to the archeological sites and better understand the Rapa Nui history.

58. Know the legend of moai kava kava

One of the most recurring symbols of Rapa Nui’s imaginary is the Moai Kava Kava. A human figure with bulging eyes, goatee and prominent ribs, which the Rapanui people placed in their homes to scare away evil spirits. Know its legend.

59. Pose in the Rapanui style for a photo shoot

Let them dress you with feathers, shells and plant tissues while decorating your skin with natural pigments. Each symbol has a meaning that they will tell you while they paint you. With a unique background in the world, just relax to pose for an unforgettable photo session.

60. Try to decipher the Rongo Rongo symbols

The Rongorongo writing is a writing system, based on symbols carved on wooden tablets, which to date has not been deciphered. You can try to solve the mystery in the Sebastian Englert museum.

61. Get a tattoo with Rapanui motifs

Tattoos are part of the Polynesian culture. You can choose from hundreds of designs with local symbols. Cheer up and you will take a unique and indelible memory of your visit to Easter Island.

62. Collaborate with the Toki Music School

Visiting the Toki music school is witnessing a dream come true. It is the only self-sustaining and ecological school in Chile, whose objective is to preserve and transmit cultural traditions to Easter Island children. Any small donation will help them keep their dream.

63. Follow the Koro Nui Tupuna competitions

During the Koro Nui Tupuna, artistic, sporting and cultural manifestations based on ancestral rites are recreated. The activities, carried out by young local students competing with each other, represent a unique occasion to witness in the 21st century, the legacy of the centuries-old Rapa Nui traditions.

64. Enjoy Rapa Nui Language Day

The Mahana O Te Re’o Rapa Nui or Rapa Nui Language Day represents the second largest event on Easter Island. It is a very emotional and special day for the locals since it allows them to proudly show their desire to preserve a unique cultural identity through their language and their old customs and traditions.

If you like the sea and beaches, when you travel to Easter Island you can …

Anakena beach
Anakena beach

65. Enjoy a swim in the turquoise waters of Anakena Beach

Anakena, which is the main beach on Easter Island, represents the typical picture that we all have when we think of a paradise beach. Its white and fine coral sand, and the crystal clear turquoise sea make it an ideal place for rest and leisure.

66. Surf the waves of the South Pacific

The best surfing areas are in the west. For beginners, the best place is in Playa Pea. It is an optimal place to learn and there are several places that offer surf lessons for all ages.

67. Sunbathe and cool off in Poko Poko

In Hanga Vare Vare, surrounded by palm trees, there is a beautiful shallow natural pool protected from the onslaught of waves by a rock wall. It is perfect for everyone and especially for the little ones, since they can enjoy a bath with all tranquility.

68. Scuba diving in one of the most crystalline waters in the world

Immersing yourself in this part of the Pacific is undoubtedly a fascinating adventure as it takes us through an amazing underwater volcanic landscape. The rich marine fauna glides between caverns, arches, cliffs and lava platforms. You can also see a submerged moai.

69. Bathe in a natural pool

Along the coast, especially on the south side, several natural pools have been created that fill with water at high tide. At low tide they are calm and some have beautiful colored corals. Although they are very attractive places, it is advisable to be cautious because the strong waves can hit bathers against the rocks.

70. Take a boat trip around the “motu” or islets

The most popular boat ride is the one that goes to the southwest coast, in front of the Rano Kau volcano and brings visitors to Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao. Once there, travelers have the possibility to swim and snorkel since the water offers excellent visibility that can reach up to 60 meters.

71. Kayaking and snorkeling

For those who want to get into the sea and practice some exercise, there is also the possibility of renting a kayak and moving from Anakena beach to Ovahe. Also in those points you can snorkel and observe the marine fauna and corals, so that you will enjoy the ocean from several points of view.

If you want to live romantic moments, when you travel to Easter Island you can …

A couple with typical Rapa Nui costumes
A couple with typical Rapa Nui costumes

72. Celebrate the honeymoon on Easter Island

Easter Island is an unbeatable place for honeymooners. Away from everything and everyone for thousands of kilometers, the quiet subtropical environment and the energy of the place invite you to share with your partner.

73. Relax on the lonely beach of Ovahe

Due to its hidden location, Ovahe is perfect for sunbathing and enjoying the tranquility and rest, especially if you arrive early in the morning, when the beach is usually deserted. Lone travelers or couples choose it for their privacy and intimacy.

74. Organize an ancestral marriage

Couples who want to get married on Easter Island can do so by following the ancient ancestral rite. The ceremonies are organized according to each couple and usually include traditional costumes, photo shoots, videos, and the traditional curanto or “Umu”, which in this case has a very special meaning.

75. Feel the energy in the Ahu te Pito Kura

Near the Ahu Te Pito Kura is a magnetic stone that according to legend, was brought by Hotu Matu’a, the founding king of the Rapanui people, from his homeland. It is said that this rock, almost spherical and smooth, concentrates a special energy and promotes fertility.

76. Learn the romantic story of Tadeo and Lili

The Tadeo-Lili cultural foundation shows the love story between the French Lili Frechet and the Rapanui Tadeo Teao. Through the interesting collection of personal objects you can appreciate the contrast of two different worlds and the lifestyle of a contemporary Rapanui inhabitant.

77. Watch the sunset at Hanga Vare Vare

Hanga Vare Vare is one of the best places to watch the sunset of the whole island. You can see the silhouette of palm trees trimming over the purple sky from one of the restaurants with a terrace facing the sea.

78. Observe the stars of Rapa Nui

If the clouds allow it, one of the best views of Easter Island is above our heads. The night sky of Rapa Nui offers an impressive panorama of our nearby universe. The same stars that oriented the ancient inhabitants continue to illuminate our dreams.

If you like shopping, when you travel to Easter Island you have to …

Little reproductions of moai statues in stone and wood
Little reproductions of moai statues in stone and wood

79. Take a moai home

You can find plenty of moai-shaped souvenirs, from small key chains to large statues made artistically in wood or stone. Everything will depend on your budget. The craft market and the fair stalls are two good places to start looking.

80. Buy jewelry with rapanui motifs

If you are looking for a special gift or wear a unique souvenir, you will love the rings, pendants or necklaces with rapanui motifs. You will find beautiful pieces of silver and other materials in the stores of Maea Moana, Nehe Nehe, Riro Ra’a or Mana gallery.

81. Give yourself a shirt or a polynesian pareo

The colorful local clothing of Polynesian influence attracts many visitors. Men wear colorful shirts on gala occasions and women dress in flowers or beautiful patterned pareos. You can find interesting products at Colette Boutique, Tau Kiani, Kona Nei, Nehe Nehe or Tiare Ngaoho among other places.

82. Buy gifts for children

For the little ones you can also find beautiful memories of Easter Island. The Moana Mar store specializes in clothing and accessories for children with friendly rapanui motifs. In Tiare Ngaoho they also have dolls, magnets and other ornaments. Finally, the Tokorate brand manufactures delicious moai-shaped chocolates that are sold in several stores.

83. Indulge yourself with polynesian cosmetics

The German Petra Klimstcha, based in the island for several years, has launched the Anakena Natural Cometics brand that includes a series of products made with natural ingredients typical of Polynesia. Now you just have to choose between shower gel, body butter, face cream, perfume or, better yet, take them all.

84. Buy a mangai or Rapanui hook

The mangai or Rapanui hook was considered one of the most precious objects and is still used as an amulet of prosperity, abundance, protection and good luck. In the shops and markets of Easter Island you can buy mangai made of bone, stone, wood or metal, following the old local designs.

85. Acquire a painting at the Amaya Art Gallery

Painter Amaya has lived on Easter Island for more than 25 years and her love for this land reflects it in her paintings and prints. His art combines colorful representations of local flora and fauna, Easter landscapes and mythological symbols in styles ranging from figurative to abstraction. It’s such a gift for your sight.

86. Expand your knowledge with a good book

If you want to delve deeper into the art, culture and history of Rapa Nui, Rapa Nui Press’s books are perfect. This editorial rescues classic texts and publishes new titles, all of them related to Easter Island. You can find his books in stores like Pae Pae or Gallo and others.

If Tapati Rapa Nui is celebrated when you travel to Easter Island then you have to …

Artistic performance during the Tapati Rapa Nui
Artistic performance during the Tapati Rapa Nui Festival

87. Feel the vertigo of the extreme sport of haka pei

Haka Pei is a risky game, held during the Tapati Rapa Nui Festival. A handful of brave men slide from the top of a hill lying on two banana trunks at speeds that reach 80 km/h.

88. Participate in the Tapati parade

The farándula or great parade show represents the apotheosis of the Tapati Rapa Nui. The Rapanui encourage tourists to take the streets to participate in this colorful ancestral carnival and share their joy and traditions.

89. Witness a race with bananas on the neck

This is the Aka Venga, a test in which athletes hang on the neck two heads of bananas joined together that weigh a total of 20 Kg. Although it is also a discipline for itself, it is best known for being part of the Rapanui triathlon.

90. Feel the thrill of horse racing

An equestrian race could not be missing on an island populated by thousands of horses. These races, mainly starring very young riders, are made without saddles in sections of 500 and 1000 meters in the Vaihu area.

91. Attend the Rapa Nui triathlon during the Tapati

The Tau’a Rapa Nui competition or Easter Island triathlon is one of the most spectacular sporting events of the Tapati Rapa Nui cultural festival. This test tries to recall the ancient ancestral rites that were celebrated on the island to choose the ruling clan.

92. Attend wood carving competitions

During the Tapati festival several wood carving tests of the most characteristic rapanui symbols are carried out, such as the moai, the mangai , the Ao, the reimiro or ornament in the shape of a half moon. It is a good opportunity to observe the skills of local artisans.

93. Participate in the community umu in Anakena

During the celebration of the Tapati Rapa Nui, the entire Rapanui community invites visitors to share a huge umu or curanto, which after being buried for several hours to cook meat and vegetables, is blessed by the local parish priest and distributed freely between the assistants.

94. See how tingi tingi mahute is made

The bark of the mahute has been used since ancient times to make canvases, ornaments and clothing. To do this, it is first moistened and tapped (“tingi tingi”) with a wooden stick to flatten, stretch and shape on a rounded stone until it becomes a kind of cloth that can be used after drying.

95. Attend nightly performances

The nights of the Tapati Rapa Nui are lived on the main stage of Hanga Vare Vare. There you can vibrate with the spectacular artistic performances of the participating ensembles, the demonstrations of takona and kai kai, the traditional costume contest, traditional tango contest and much more.

96. Relive another time in the ancestral coronation

The silhouettes of the moai statues of Ahu Tahai are cut over the reddish sky of the sunset and shortly after the torches are lit to illuminate the rite of the coronation of the winning couple. The whole environment transports to another era, and the feeling of communion between the earth, man and his ancestors is experienced.

Finally, for your trip to Easter Island to be perfect you have to …

Rapa Nui National Park ticket office at the airport
Rapa Nui National Park ticket office at the airport

97. Download the app on your phone

If you download our free app for phones, you can find the same information about Easter Island as on our website and you will access some offers and discounts at various local agencies and businesses. You will find it very useful because once installed it works without an internet connection, something to keep in mind since connectivity in many places on the island is very weak or nil.

98. Buy the tickets to the Rapa Nui National Park

All visitors must pay the entrance to the Rapa Nui National Park to visit the main historical attractions, in this way they collaborate in the maintenance and improvement of the archaeological sites.

99. Hire a tour with a local guide

Although much of the island can be traveled by yourself, if you do not want to miss anything and learn as much as possible during your trip to Easter Island, it is best to hire an excursion with a guide. Apart from telling the story of the archeological sites, they will tell you personal and family stories that will enrich the visit more.

100. Take care of the environment

The island is one of the most fragile ecosystems in the world. Its isolation, which in the past created a unique culture, is an inconvenience for the management of waste produced by the increasing number of inhabitants and tourists. Pick up your trash, recycle and help preserve this remote paradise.

101. Buy a new plane ticket

How is it possible that you do not have time to see and do everything we have suggested, you will have no choice but to buy a new air ticket so that you travel to Easter Island again and you can complete the list.