Rapa Nui urban art in Hanga Roa

Art as a way of expression and communication has always been present in the history of Easter Island. In addition to the moai, the giant statues that have given the island fame and that are the unquestionable symbol of … Read more

101 things to do on Easter Island

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Haka Pei, the extreme sport of Easter Island

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Moai Hoa Hakananai’a, the stolen friend of Rapa Nui

The moai Hoa Hakananai’a, which means the stolen friend, is considered a masterpiece and has become an icon and symbol of Easter Island. Discover its fascinating history. Hoa Hakanani’a, a very special moai statueCONTENTSHoa Hakanani’a, a very special moai … Read more

Cabins on Easter Island with ocean view

The type of accommodation that is more aboundant on Easter Island are the cabins. Due to the tourist growth experienced by Rapa Nui in recent years, many local entrepreneurs have decided to build this type of accommodation to meet … Read more

Tapati 2019, the cultural festival of the Pacific

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