Cabañas Peretei

Cabañas Peretei 1
Cabañas Peretei 2
Cabañas Peretei 3
Cabañas Peretei 4
Cabañas Peretei 5
Cabañas Peretei 6
Cabañas Peretei 7
Cabañas Peretei 8

The Peretei cabins are located in the area of Tahai, one of the most important archaeological sites on Easter Island and also one of the best places to enjoy beautiful sunsets. We put at your disposal independent bungalows with capacity for 2-5 people, equipped with a seating area, kitchen, garden, terrace and all the amenities to make your stay quiet and comfortable.

For your convenience we also organize private tours around the island and horseback riding to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience. Accommodations include transportation to and from the airport, reception with a lei and free parking.

Informatoin & bookings
Address: Tehoe Manu St. – Hanga Roa
Phone: +56322100458 | +56973808231



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