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Easter Island hotels Rapa Nui

Virtually all the hotels on Easter Island are owned by local owners, so the income from tourism stays in Rapa Nui, helping the progress and sustainability of this beautiful remote place. Book directly with the hotels and you will get the best price and attention in Rapa Nui.


General information

The construction of new and modern hotels in Easter Island has contributed significantly to the improvement of local tourism. This new infrastructure is needed to accommodate the gradual increase of travelers who come to the island to discover its wonders.

Among the developments in recent years include the addition of three 5-star hotels that fill the gap in the category of luxury hotels in Easter Island. Such hotels were necessary to meet the demand for passengers sector that demands high service, even in one of the remotest islands in the world.

Contrary to what happened in most of the world’s top tourist destinations, it seems that the construction of hotels in Easter Island has been made with the intention of respecting the fragile ecosystem of Rapa Nui. Here the visitor will not find large towers concrete, steel and glass, and huge resorts with hundreds of rooms. The buildings are not very large, usually of an apartment and rarely reach the two heights, trying to blend into the landscape.

Most of the hotels are located in the center of Hanga Roa and only a few are located outside, but that is not a problem to get around the island, as everything is close due to their small size.


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Hotel Taha Tai Easter Island Hotels and hostels Rapa Nui

Hotel Taha Tai

The Taha Tai hotel is located on the seashore and a few minutes from the center of Hanga Roa. It has single, double, triple, inclusive rooms and bungalows, a spacious dining room with a terrace to enjoy the views and a beautiful pool surrounded by palm trees and Polynesian flowers. Read more »

Tupa Hotel

Tupa Hotel is located in one of the most spectacular places on Easter Island, with a privileged view of the sea, watching over the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, very centrally located, just blocks from the center of the city of Hanga Roa. Read more »

Hotel Uruhao Easter Island Hotels and hostels Rapa Nui

Hotel Uruhao

The Uruhao Hotel is an ideal accommodation for single people, couples and families. It is located in the heart of Hanga Roa, on Te Pito o Te Henua Street, a few meters from the Hanga Roa Otai Cove and steps away from shops and restaurants. Read more »

Takarua Lodge Easter Island Hotels and hostels Rapa Nui

Takarua Lodge

Takarua Lodge is located in the sector of Tahai, excellent area to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings with beautiful gardens and the spectacular view that Rapa Nui offers us. Read more »

Hotel Gomero Easter Island Hotels and hostels Rapa Nui

Hotel Gomero

Hotel Gomero invites you and your family to enjoy all the comforts, as well as personalized attention, which will make your stay in Easter Island unforgettable. Read more »

Hotel Uka Mana Easter Island Hotels and hostels Rapa Nui

Hotel Uka Mana

Hotel Uka Mana offers all the amenities you need to spend a few days of rest and comfort in Easter Island. Our facilities are designed for you and your family can enjoy all the best that Rapa Nui has to offer. Read more »

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