Easter Island hostels

Easter Island hostels Rapa Nui

Information about the hostels in Easter Island. We tell you the characteristics of this type of accommodation, for what type of travelers we recommend them and the price range that can be found in Rapa Nui.


Hostels and B&B in Easter Island

A room with terrace of the Eco Hostal Keu Henua Easter Island hostels
A room with terrace of the Eco Hostal Keu Henua

Also known as pensions or residentials, Easter Island hostels are ideal for tourists whose priority is to know and enjoy the attractions of Rapa Nui but without spending too much on accommodation.

Keep in mind that on Easter Island, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate one type of accommodation from another, since their names can mislead travelers. In fact, there are establishments with the hotel name, although they actually have the category or services of a hostel.

In the same way, there are lodgings that use the name of the hostel being cabins and others that are called cabins but that should be called hostels. The confusion occurs because the denomination of the accommodations corresponds more to the decision of the owners than to criteria established by the tourist authorities. A consequence of the rapid increase in establishments that emerged after the tourist boom that Rapa Nui has experienced in recent years.

Advantages of booking a hostel in Rapa Nui

The Easter Island hostels have common spaces that invite to socialize
The hostels have common spaces that invite to socialize

Among the wide variety of accommodation that exists on Easter Island, the hostels have been gaining popularity in recent times as they offer a comfortable, family and economic space that is perfect for independent travelers.

Hostels usually have a living room and a fully equipped kitchen so that guests can prepare food. These common spaces invite to socialize and share experiences with other travelers, creating a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere that makes them feel at home. In addition several hostels have female dormitory rooms, a service that women appreciate as it allows them to save while they sleep peacefully.

That is the main factor that differentiates the hostels from the cabins, since the latter, in addition to having more than one bedroom, have one or more private bathrooms and a kitchen for exclusive use that makes them more suitable for a family or a group of friends who want more privacy.

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Reasonable prices and family care

The hostels provide close and familiar attention to their guests as in Residencial Miru
The hostels provide close and familiar attention to their guests as in Residencial Miru

The hostels in Easter Island are usually run by the owners themselves of Rapanui origin. The majority are simple and friendly people who care that their guests know a little better the local lifestyle. When time permits, they love to share a “asado” (barbecue) and even a “curanto“, while telling stories and advice that will further enrich the visit to this remote and fascinating island.

We believe that a hostel is the ideal type of accommodation for couples or solo travelers who do not want to spend too much but expect minimal comfort. In that sense, the hostels are the cheapest lodging option in Rapa Nui, after the campsites.

Given that the prices in Easter Island are not especially cheap, it must be said that the average cost of the hostels in Rapa Nui is quite reasonable. Thus, for example, the daily price of a double room with shared bathroom is around US$ 50. And if a multiple room (with several beds) with shared bathroom is shared, it should not exceed US$ 25 per person per night.

If you are looking for a little more privacy, the cost of a double room with private bathroom increases to US$ 80 or US$ 90 per night and usually includes breakfast. Do not forget that when the reservation is made sooner, the price is better, especially if the visit to Rapa Nui coincides with the high season and even more so with the celebration of the Tapati Rapa Nui Festival when prices soar and availability decreases.

Cheap hostels in Easter Island

Keu Henua Isla de Pascua Rapa Nui

Keu Henua

At Keu Henua Eco-Hostal we work to make our guests aware of the agricultural products of the Rapanui ethnic group, using the same techniques that were used by our ancestors. Read more »

Hotel Uruhao Easter Island Hotels and hostels Rapa Nui

Hostal Uruhao

The Uruhao Hostel is an ideal accommodation for single people, couples and families. It is located in the heart of Hanga Roa, on Te Pito o Te Henua Street, a few meters from the Hanga Roa Otai Cove and steps away from shops and restaurants. Read more »

La Casa del Kori Isla de Pascua Rapa Nui

La Casa del Kori

La Casa del Kori offers a family atmosphere, cozy and personalized service. A space suitable for all types of travelers: couples, youth, adults; alone or accompanied. Read more »

Apart Hotel Ananá Isla de Pascua Rapa Nui

Apart Hotel Ananá

Apart Hotel Ananá is a comfortable, family and cheap accommodation located just 80 meters from the sea, where you and your family can enjoy an unforgettable stay in Rapa Nui, in a relaxed, quiet and safe environment. Read more »

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