Easter Island Campsites

Easter Island camping campsites Rapa Nui

For those traveling on a tight budget and looking for cheap accommodation, camping on Easter Island is the cheapest option to stay.


Camping in Easter Island

Free camping is prohibited in Easter Island, as most of the land belongs to the Rapa Nui National Park, so if you want to camp, you have to do it in one of the campsites on the island. The Tipanie Moana and Mihinoa campsites are the two most classical and popular choices, but new businesses are emerging.

Camping is the perfect choice for lone backpackers, young couples, groups of friends or families who are willing to give up a little comfort in order to know this wonderful island. In exchange, in the common dining room, they will meet other travelers from different countries with whom to share their experiences, enjoy greater contact with nature and the feeling of freedom sleeping under the stars.

Camping rates

For those traveling on a budget and looking for cheap accommodation in Easter Island, camping is the cheapest option in Rapa Nui.

The price of a tent is usually around 7,000 pesos per person per night. The tents, including mats and sleeping bags, are igloo type for sleeping two people and are prepared to withstand wind and downpours. If the traveler brings his own team, they make a small discount but not worth carrying the weight from Santiago.

There is also the possibility of staying in beds in rooms with shared bathroom for prices around 15,000 pesos or twice if the bathroom is private.If the stay is going to be long, more than a week, you can try to negotiate the price.


The price does not include breakfast or any meal, just staying. If it is included, if reservation is made, the airport transfer on arrival at the campsite and from the campsite to the airport on departure, but it is not a personalized service but has a fixed schedule for all concerned. Parking is also free.

They also offer additional services such as laundry, WiFi connection and charging electronic devices, for affordable prices or no cost.

Sometimes the owners organize rapanui curantos or grilled fish to which all the guests are invited for free. This is their way of sharing their love and lifestyle with visitors.

Useful information

Many places on the island are not well lit and so happens on the approaches to the campsites and in the reserved places to install tents. There is only electricity in the common areas like the dining room, kitchen, reception and toilets, so it is convenient to carry a flashlight or headlight.

The water is drinkable so you can drink without problems, and there is hot water in the showers which are separate for men and women.

Campers must have their own towels, soap, toilet paper, detergent and matches or lighters to the kitchen.

The campsites are very safe, you can leave personal items into the tents although there is always the possibility of using the lockers on the dining area.

The dining rooms have a well equipped kitchen and cooking utensils. Each guest has a set of cutlery, plates and cup assigned to his locker. In the usual hours of breakfast, lunch and dinner the space is often overcrowded, so if you want to eat in peace and without delay you should advance or delay the schedule, but you will lose the conversation with other travelers.


The WiFi is very slow throughout the island in general, and perhaps more in the campsites. The connection via mobile phones to use the mail or WhatsApp is a bit more agile than using computers.

Camping in Easter Island means being in contact with nature, so it is usual to find little bugs hanging around the facilities. Ants, beetles and some cockroach can often be seen as well as harmless mices which usually are hunted by the home cats. It is also possible that the crowing of roosters and chickens running loose in many parts of the island, wake you up early.

Reception will be happy to solve any doubt and they will help travelers arranging car rental, tours to archaeological sites, dive trips, horseback riding and performances dances.

Collaborate in a solidarity action

Volunteers during the building of Rapa Nui School of Music and Arts-Toki
Volunteers during the building of Rapa Nui School of Music and Arts

If you book your accommodation with us, you get the best price available on selected dates and you will also be helping to protect the future of the Rapanui culture without paying more.

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Choose your campsite

Camping Mihinoa Isla de Pascua Rapa Nui

Camping Mihinoa

Camping Mihinoa is located in front of the sea in an unbeatable location near the center of Hanga Roa and the Hanga Piko cove. Read more »


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