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Rapa Nui Kayak invites you to enjoy an incredible experience on and under the sea. From our kayaks, which are very stable, you will contemplate the different perspectives of the island and with our snorkeling equipment you can immerse and appreciate the wonders of the seabed of Rapa Nui.

Anakena & Ovahe Expedition

It starts at Hanga Rau Ariki (beach more known as Anakena). Despite of we categorize this route as of moderate difficulty, it is totally feasible and familiar. The end point of the route is Ovahe, a hidden beach between rocks and cliffs. The tour includes guided snorkeling to observe fish and corals at a very shallow depth.

• Approximate distance of 6 km. Total duration of the activity 4 hours.
• Includes support guides, photography, kayak equipment and snorkeling.
• Difficulty: Moderate

Motu Tautara Expedition

We leave the Hanga Roa cove and take a north direction navigating near the coast to observe from the sea the most known points of the town: Poko Poko sector, Rapa Nui cemetery and Tahai. Finally we will approach Motu Tautara and Ana Kakenga also know as the cave of the two windows. We will see the island from another perspective and on the way back we will enjoy the underwater world doing snorkeling in the well known diving point of buoy number 1.

• Duration of the experience: approximately 4 hours.
• Includes: Guides, kayak and snorkel equipment and photography.
• Difficulty: Moderate (10 kms approx)

Motu Maratiri Expedition

We left at dawn to see the sunrise in Ahu Tongariki and have breakfast. After that we start the expedition from the Tongariki cove to take Northeast direction. We can appreciate a good part of the Poike peninsula navigating close to its southern side cliffs.

As we approach the Motu Maratiri islet, we will see how it becomes bigger and more imposing. To get there, we will have to travel approximately 7 km, then we will rest to observe it closely.

During the whole trip we will have the opportunity to observe the birds that inhabit the caves of the cliff and the motu, such as the Manutara or Easter Island Tern and the Frigate. Many of the birds that we will see are in danger of extinction.

On the way back, the privileged view of the Ahu Tongariki and the Rano Raraku volcano will stand out.

• Total duration of the activity: 4 to 5 hours
• Includes: Support boat if necessary, guides, kayak and snorkel equipment, photographs.
• Total distance of the route: approximately 7 km.
• Difficulty: High

Expedition to the motu

A journey full of history, which will allow us to navigate part of the most important sites on the south coast of the island, such as the Mataveri bay and the Ana Kai Tangata cave. In addition, along the route we will have the opportunity to observe several species of typical birds of the area. The final point of the route are the three islets or motu, where we will rest and, depending on the conditions of the sea, we will do snorkeling. Motu Kao Kao, Motu iti and Motu Nui were very important at the time when the Tangata Manu competition was held.

• Duration of the experience: between 4 to 5 hours.
• Distance of the route: 15 km
• Includes: support boat, guides, complete snorkeling equipment and photographs.
• The departure time is exclusively in the morning between 8:30 – 9:00 hrs.
• Difficulty: High.

Come and be captivated by the views of the coast and the attractive colorful fish in the coral reef.

Note: Refreshments and a photographic record of your adventure are included.
Card payments are accepted.

Information & bookings
Address: Te Pito o Te Henua St. – Hanga Roa
Phone: +56965928889
Attention hours: Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a 20:30 h



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