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General information

The surf on Easter Island offers a thorough mix of excellent waves for those who wish to surf, whether they are beginners or experienced surfers. The island’s unique location in the Pacific Ocean makes the waves, which head there without encountering any obstacle for thousands of miles, crash on the cliffs from all sides creating waves up to 5 meters tall.

The best areas for surfing are found in the west. For beginners, the best place is in Pea Beach besides Hanga Roa Bay. It’s an excellent place to learn, and in the summer there are several courses, especially for children.


For more experienced surfers who enjoy a thrill, the best areas are in Mataveri, to the southwest, and Tahai, in the northwest, where the waves are more challenging. On the south coast, some of the surf spots for daring athletes are Pakaia and Papa Tanga Roa. If you choose any of these places, it’s important to remember that it’s very hard to find someone if you’re in need of help. Therefore, it’s not advisable to go there alone.

The best surfing conditions, or the time of storm surges as it’s known here, occurs between September and March.

From 2013 is celebrated in October the Rapa Nui Pro Surf Championship, part of the Chilean National Surf Circuit competition. It is an excellent opportunity to see the maneuvers of the country’s best surfers on the waves of Hanga Roa.

Surf lessons and equipment rent

Vai Manu Rapa Nui Easter Island Surfing

Vai Manu

At Easter Island we are privileged to enjoy a wonderful, exceptionally crystalline and perfect waves for lovers of water sports like surfing or body surfing sea, so in Vai Manu we offer surf lessons, regardless of age you have, to enjoy the sea like never before. Read more »

Hahave Rapanui Easter Island Surfing

Hahave Rapanui

We are a small Surf School located in front of the Cove of Hanga Roa, the best spot to learn to surf. Classes are personalized and last for two hours with a maximum of 2 students. Read more »

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