Adventure Terevaka

Adventure Terevaka Cabagatas en Isla de Pascua1
Adventure Terevaka Cabagatas en Isla de Pascua2
Adventure Terevaka Cabagatas en Isla de Pascua3
Adventure Terevaka Cabagatas en Isla de Pascua4
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Would you like to see the sunset from the top of Rapa Nui? We ride through the forests and hills of Terevaka, the highest point of the island, to go up to watch the sun go down with the view we have of the ocean in 360 °.

In Adventure Terevaka we are experts in beginners. If your level of experience is “I have never ridden before” or “the last time was ten years ago”, this is the route you need. The soft and friendly terrain in our ascent to the top, with views that surprise you more and more as we go.

We like to share the tranquility of the place while we attend to the security of all around. Therefore, we ride in groups of maximum 6 people.


Tumu Ora🌱

We went up during the morning to the top of Terevaka to see the island and the sea in 360 °. But enjoying the view is not the only thing. If you want to leave a positive mark on Rapa Nui this is your route. Plant a tree in Terevaka and follow its growth with us.

Approximate duration 3hrs.

Departure times 9:30hrs

Sunset Terevaka

We ride about 50min from the base of Terevaka to the top, passing through forests and meadows, to find a natural spectacle that surprises us, the sunset seen from the highest in the middle of the ocean. Here we wait for about 30min to process the experience before going back down. But the adventure continues. In the descent we see how the first stars appear and the light of the moon among the trees. Total duration approximately 2hrs 30min. Just tell us the name of your hotel and we’ll pick you up.

Departure times 18:30hrs

Schedules may vary according to time of year. Consult.

Tips and recommendations

• Always wear a windbreaker or coat
• Children under 6 years ride with one of their parents
• Transfer included

Note: Download the app and get a 10% discount!

Information & bookings
Address: Vai Tea – Terevaka
Phone: +56322551281 | +56952158264



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