Rapa Nui Marathon

Easter Island Marathon Rapa Nui Maraton

The Easter Island Marathon, also known as the Rapa Nui Marathon, is organized by Olimpo Producciones and has been held since 2005 in the middle of each year (June-July) as part of a sports weekend that starts on Friday with the Rapa Nui Triathlon (ironman-like stunts and sprints), continues on Saturday with the Rapa Nui Mountain Bike, and ends on Sunday with the Marathon itself.

This race is different from almost any other marathon in the world. It’s not only special because of the striking environment in which it takes place (with the ancient stone giants as witnesses), but also because there are very few athletes participating. The feeling of loneliness during the route is constant. So that it tests not only the physical integrity of the runners, but also their mental strength.


The race unfolds between Hanga Roa and Anakena beach on the road that crosses the island, each stretch being 21 km long. The beginning of the second stretch (the way back) is the hardest of all, since it’s a 4 km steep climb. Once this is overcome, the worst is behind you. However, despite the great effort required, the runners’ motives are mostly to enjoy this wonderful route and to share a very special camaraderie.

Another of the aspects that makes this sporting event so different is that you don’t have sponsors. Expenses are covered entirely by the runners’ registration fees, and they also ensure the implementation of sports for the boys and girls of the island. There is a very limited quota of participation (about 180) and open enrollment for a year which starts just after the last edition is completed. In addition to the marathon, you can opt for the half marathon (21 km) or for the 10 km run.

All information on the programs, prices and registration dates can be found on the web site:


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