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In Amu’a Productions and Rapa Nui Cultural Management we invite you to live an unforgettable experience through experiential, personal, educational, entertaining and high content cultural activities. We offer a variety of alternatives that will allow you for a moment to feel like a true Rapanui and into our culture, beliefs and traditions.

We offer Marriage or Weddings with ancestral ceremonies, wearing typical costumes and body painting; Individual or group photo sessions in outdoors, with traditional costumes; Takona custom (body painting) with Photo Shoot; Dressmaking and Necklaces classes; Carving workshops; Typical gastronomy workshops where you learn to prepare some of our traditional dishes like curanto tunuahi or poe, and workshops of Sports Ancestral. We also offer tours with local guide and sale of costumes, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories.

For better attention please call to arrange a meeting in our office, so you can see the costumes and photographic work. The services are performed mostly outdoors, for this we do not have office hours.

Information & bookings
Address: Te Hoe Manu St. – Hanga Roa
Phone: +56956281599 /+56996919620 / +56984778453



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