Easter Island Tours

Easter Island Tours

Hiring any of the excursions or tours on Easter Island with local guides is the best way to get to know the Rapa Nui culture in depth.


General information

Recognized worldwide as one of the most mysterious places in the world, largely because of its unique insulation, Easter Island is a great little undiscovered gem. Full of mystery, history, myths and legends, a trip to it, confronts us at every moment to an unknown and fascinating world.

One alternative to not miss anything and learn everything possible about the fascinating Rapa Nui culture, is to do some of the Easter Island tours and excursions offered by various travel agencies. Usually the tours are run by local guides or people with many years living on the island, which are not only able to tell the story of archaeological sites but have many personal stories and family to tell to traveler, which give a plus to the visit.

In addition, since August 2022, to visit the sites of the Rapa Nui National Park, the company of an accredited guide or a Rapa Nui host of legal age is mandatory.

More information about Rapa Nui National Park

On the other hand, there are remote areas like the north coast, where there are no marked trails but are full of archaeological remains, caves and petroglyphs that are almost impossible to find if you do not have a guide who knows the place well, so if you want to know that part of the island, it is best to join a guided tour.


Main tourism agencies

Maururu Travel Easter Island Tours Rapa Nui

Maururu Travel

Modern, renovated and innovative operator, with 30 years of experience, Maururu Travel aims to make our travelers discover, know and love the archeology, history, mysteries and all the Rapa Nui culture in general. Read more »

Mahakitour Easter Island Tours Rapa Nui


Our main goal is to offer visitors an experience of “cultural tourism”, developed by exploring different cultural and geographical settings of the island, in the most genuine and close manner. Read more »

Rapa Nui Travel Easter Island Tours Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui Travel

In Rapa Nui Travel, we have experienced local guides who speak several languages, know the legends and the latest results of scientific research on Rapa Nui and share a great love to Easter Island. Read more »

Hotumatur Rapa Nui Easter Island Tours


At Hotumatur we are dedicated to offering unique and meaningful experiences, providing a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage of Rapa Nui. Read more »

Moai Tour Easter Island Tours Rapa Nui

Moai Tour

We invite you to live an ancestral experience touring Rapa Nui by the hand of local guides and visiting little known and incredible places. Read more »

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