Motu Tours

Motu Tours Paseos en barca en Isla de Pascua1
Motu Tours Paseos en barca en Isla de Pascua1
Motu Tours Paseos en barca en Isla de Pascua1

Come with us to enjoy Easter Island, sailing the crystalline waters that surround it. We offer the following tours and activities:

Navigation to the motus

We leave by boat from Hanga Piko and headed to the area of the caves formed centuries ago by volcanic eruptions and served as a refuge and shelter for our ancestors, then we’ll see the Mataveri area from the sea, to go after, around the islets or motus: Motu Kao Kao, Motu Iti and Motu Nui, where we will explain you what was the Tangata Manu competition and finally to sail to Tahai sector, to see the ahu and moai of this important archaeological site. During the tour you can swim and snorkel. All equipment (fins, diving goggles, diving suit, floats and ladders) is included.


It is a navigation whose main objective is to observe the different types of birds that live in Rapa Nui, both on the main island and motus. While browsing, we will make all the necessary stops, to have enough time to see and photograph birds and we will talk about each of them, their characteristics and their names in Rapanui language.

Artisanal and Sportfishing

For fishing enthusiasts, we offer the possibility to capture native species of Rapa Nui in traditional way, using hook and line. We can make fishing trips near the coast in search of typical fish like the Pici or, deep sea fishing to go for much larger species like tuna. Our passengers have the option of asking us to prepare a Tunu Ahi (traditional preparation of grilled fish) with fish caught. All equipment for fishing is included.

Turn around the island

It is a full day excursion (6 hours approximately) that goes around Easter Island to watch the sea from all its beauty and a unique perspective of its volcanoes, beaches and caves. During the tour it is possible to stop a while in the beautiful Anakena beach to enjoy a swim.

Tailored rides

Tell us what do you want and we will design the boat rides to suit your requirements.
Motu Tours have all necessary security measures for its excursions. We have radio, GPS, satellite phone, as well as life jackets and rain jackets.

Information & bookings
Address: Caleta Hanga Piko
Attention hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 20:00 h
Phone: +56987543245 | +56996176930 | +56966524153



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