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We are a riding school, where we teach horse riding, and those who already know, to improve their technique. We also do equine therapy for people with different abilities. On the other hand we organize adventures on horseback, around the whole island. We have 4 defined routes but they can be modified according to the requirement of the customers.

Our experience goes beyond the rides, since the tourists can add what they want: traditional meals, spend the night in exotic places to see the stars or sunrise, as well as include snorkeling and / or learn to surf.

We have been doing the tours for more than 30 years, and our horses are experts; You can choose from the most meek to the fastest ones. We have comfortable professional saddles for long rides.

The chief native teacher Orohe Emilio Araki Tepano is a graduate of the University of Chile riding school in Amansa Racional, directed riding and equine therapy. He leads the rides together with his students, all of them trained by him, according to his knowledge and experience.

Tour 1 “Vinapu” (approximately 2-3 hours)

In this route you will visit Vinapu, a ceremonial area where you will appreciate the work perfectly of large, finely carved stones, similar to those found in the Inca ruins, and the only woman Moai. We will follow a cliff route to Vai a Tare to appreciate the Motu (islets): Iti (small), Nui (large) and Kao kao (skinny). Surrounding the volcano Rano Kau, to finish in the ceremonial village of Orongo where the competition of Tangata Manu (bird man) was made. We return through a forest of eucalyptus and cypresses to the viewpoint of Hanga Roa where the progress of the Rapanui people can be appreciated.

Tour 2 “Vai a Mei and its caves” (duration 4-5 h)

In this route you will visit the area where the leprosy patients infected with Hansen virus lived and its cemetery. We will continue towards Ana (cave) Kakenga known as the “cave of the two windows”, continuing towards Ana Te Pora. Then we come to Ana Te Pahu (cave of the drum) also known as “the cave of the bananas”. Finally we go to Ahu (platform) Akivi who are 7 moai looking towards the sea aligned with the points where the sun rises on the spring and autumn equinoxes. There it ends, and the tourist can request the transfer by car or return horseback by Vai a Repa and Vai Kirea.

Tour 3 “Terevaka and surroundings” (duration 5-6 h)

We started riding along the north coast, passing through Veringa O Tuki (meaning “where Tuki fell down”) to Papa Tangaroa, a well-known wave by the surfer community. We cross the fields of Maea Makohe until we reach the Ahu Akivi (the 7 moai) and from there start the ascent to the Terevaka volcano. At the top of Terevaka, the highest point of the island where you can appreciate the 3 points of the island and an unparalleled view, we rest and enjoy the panoramic view and then go down and choose: return by transfer by car or horseback through Vai a Repa and Vai Kirea or finish in Anakena with an additional cost.

Tour 4 “Poike and North Coast” (duration 3-4 h)

In this route we will go through all the existing sites on the north coast, then take the road where the Moai walked “Ara Otemoai” arriving at Rano Raraku where the Moai factory was. Later we descend towards “Ahu Tongariki” where the 15 giant moai are. Then we will take direction towards the peninsula of the Poike going up to Vai a Heva, a huge stone head where rainwater was collected. Finally we come to Ana O Keke where the cave of the virgins is found. To finish we descend to Te Ava, a ditch where the Hanau Momoko (short ears) burned the Hanau Eepe (long ears). Then we can return on horseback or transfer by the north coast; Or go to Ovahe, visiting Papa Vaka, the petroglyphs and other reference sites for deep-sea fishermen for an additional cost.

Ancestral Tour (2 to 3 days)

For those who want to live a unique and different adventure, experiencing how was the way of life of our ancestors, we offer the possibility of a journey of several days throughout the island. We will visit places almost never visited by tourists and spend the night in caves or outdoors under the shelter of the stars.

Tips and recommendations

• The tours can be modified according to the tourist and the experience that you want to have.

• In each site, it is allowed to be between 15 and 30 minutes, but also can be available more time although it would have an additional cost.

• It is suggested to wear suitable clothes to ride horses, water and something to eat; as well as some warm clothing and a sunscream.

Information & bookings
Address: Vinapu – Easter Island
Phone: +56942040420 | +56966254049



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