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We are young Rapanui entrepreneurs that we offer different routes and new experiences walking on foot little frequented paths, so that the visitors take unique and unusual images of Easter Island.

Route 1: Trekking to the caves

Departure from the Roiho sector, where the trek begins to visit 3 small caves on the island but full of fascinating stories, until arriving at Ana Te Pahu or cave of bananas. We will visit Ana Te Pahu inside and then we will go to the coast to meet two other hidden caves and finish in the amazing Ana Kakenga (cave of the two windows) from where they open spectacular views of the sea. The walk ends in the Hanga Kio’e area.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Intensity: soft

Route 2: Top of the Terevaka by Ava Rana Uka

We leave from the sector Vai Tea to cross the wetland to Rano Aroi, a place where, during rainy season, a stream of water runs and where a beautiful waterfall forms. It is an area of great archaeological importance since there was a prey used to distribute the water to all the plantations of Rapa Nui.

From there the route climbs to the top of the Terevaka volcano, the highest point of Easter Island, from where we can contemplate wonderful 360 degree views. The descent is made towards the sector of Ahu Akivi, where the tour ends.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Intensity: soft

Route 3: North Coast

We leave from the area of Ahu Akivi to cross one of the less traveled trails of the island, the one of the north coast.

This beautiful and little known trekking route runs through the sectors of Maitaki Te Moa and Omohi, where there are important intact archaeological remains of boat-houses, caves that served as refuge in times of war, petroglyphs, ahus, the Make-Make cave, etc. .

The walk ends in Anakena, where visitors can enjoy a few hours of rest on this beautiful beach.

Duration: 5 to 6 hours
Intensity: moderate

Tips and recommendations

▪ It is recommended to bring enough water, sun protection and footwear suitable for walks.

▪ All tours include transfer to and from the accommodation.

▪ Guides in English and Spanish.

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Information & bookings
Address: Ahu Akivi – Terevaka
Phone: +56322551281 | +56952158264



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